Will Burundian MPs accept to be part of EALA after controversial election?

01-08-2018 Isabelle Nahayo, Burundian Minister in charge of the East African Community says Burundi does not recognise the recent election of the Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) because the regulations underlying the community were not respected. “Burundi has asked for clear explanations,” she says. As for the (...)

Burundi still contests election of EALA Speaker

12-29-2017 In the public conference held in Kayanza province last Friday 29 December 2017, Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza said the recent election of the EALA Speaker did not respect the regulations governing the East African Community. “The EALA Speaker is elected following the rotation system. Uganda was the previous chair (...)

Burundi chapter contests election of the new EALA Speaker

12-20-2017 “On 19 December, the East African Community Legislative Assembly headed by the clerk, conducted the election of the new EALA Speaker while two member states, namely Burundi and the United Republic of Tanzania were not present in the session,” reads the statement issued on 20 December by nine members (...)

Martin Ngoga : New EALA Speaker from disputed election

12-20-2017 Hon. Martin Ngoga from Rwanda is the newly elected Speaker of the fourth East African Legislative Assembly-EALA. The election which was scheduled on 18 December was postponed to 19 December as lawmakers from Burundi and Tanzania had boycotted it. Among the activities on the agenda of East African Legislative (...)

Burundi failed to give its contribution to 2016 EAC financial budget

03-20-2017 The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), deeply concerned by the poor financial situation of the East African Community, has passed a resolution urging the Council of Ministers to immediately convene under matters of urgency to solve the financial crisis in the community. Sanctions should be imposed on the partner (...)

Five Burundi MPs decide to boycott 5th EALA session in Kigali

03-02-2017 Five out of seven Burundian MPs of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA]) announced that they will not participate in the EALA fifth session to be held in Kigali from 5 to 17 March. They say they fear for their safety. “Emérence Bucumi, Léonce Ndarubagiye, Jean Mari Muhirwa, Isabelle (...)

Burundi EALA MPs plan to meet various groups of Burundians

11-01-2016 The Group of Burundi East African Legislative Assembly MPs, has held this 31 October a press conference to inform Burundians about activities conducted by this EAC institution in plenary sessions that took place in Tanzania in August and October 2016 in Arusha and Zanzibar respectively.”As the process of Burundi (...)

Jean Marie Muhirwa Replaces Hafsa Mossi in EALA

10-19-2016 This 19 October, the Burundi National Assembly has overwhelmingly voted for an MP that will replace Hafsa Mossi, the late EALA MP -killed in July 2016. Jean Marie Muhirwa, 36, from a Hutu ethnic group, senator and former administrator of Bwambarangwe Commune of Kirundo northern province has been voted (...)

Hafsa mossi : a great lady assassinated

07-19-2016 After the killing of the East African Legislative Assembly MP that occurred on the 13 July, Iwacu would like to inform again about this crime and the career of the former outstanding journalist and minister. By Abbas Mbazumutima, Christian Bigirimana, Fabrice Manirakiza translated by Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana, Innocent Habonimana, (...)

EALA works in accordance with the EAC treaty and rules of procedures

01-16-2015 The former East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) speaker Margaret Zziwa accuses EALA MPs of illegally removing her from office. She plans to make her allegations in court but the EALA house proceeds in accordance with the treaty and the rules of procedures of the Assembly.–By Diane Uwimana Margaret Nantongo (...)


Cibitoke: Rugogo bridge to collapse

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