Singing the same tune: Burundian singers should be motivated

Burundians tend to despise their artistic values while foreigners appreciate them very much. This is often observed when we look at the performance of our singers.By Yves Didier Irakoze

Sat-B ©Iwacu

“Burundian music and musicians are making a great progress. If we try to analyze where we came from, what we are and where we go, we have what to be proud of,” states Bizimana Abu Bakar alias Sat B. He adds that today Burundian singers are appreciated thanks to their impressive talent, they are asked to perform in other countries particularly in EAC member states. He indicates that both foreign singers and producers like our artistic work very much. Irakoze Jean Claude known as Jiji Seven,a gospel singer shares Sat B’s view that Burundian singers are gifted and talented artists who are admired everywhere.
“Recently, I have been with singers from Gambia, Cameroon, Ethiopia… who really appreciate Burundian singers. What is amazing is that there are more famous all over the world than in Burundi. So, in Burundi we have to be proud of the talent God has offered us,” states Jiji Seven.
According to Fortrand Bigirimana, a Burundian gospel singer, there is a big step made by Burundian singers and the way music is produced is more impressive than some time ago.
“If you hear Burundian music, there are spectacular advances in terms of performance especially when we look into “live music”. Here, musicians around us recognize our talent and we are also appreciated by foreign artists, producers and fans from many countries,” highlights Bigirimana Fortrand.
He goes on saying that today Burundian singers are potentially good , they need to meet other artists all over the world to share knowledge and experience.
For Bruno Simbavimbere known as Memba, Chairman of “Amical des Musiciens”, Burundian singers have already realized that singing is a profession and not a joke. Thus, improvement is widely visible these days. That’s the reason why in terms of music, they are appreciated and contacted at international level. “Comparing Burundian stars to those from EAC or other parts of the world, during live concerts for instance, we notice that our musicians have already made a great step. This is a big honor and pride for the country,” points out Memba.

We should back local artists more effectively

Bruno Simbavimbere urges Burundi Government to encourage artists. He states that the latter should be motivated for the great work they have already done. Burundian singers should in turn work very much to keep their level up. “In other countries, singers are supported morally and financially through their artistic pieces of work. Thus, they feel supported and motivated. Burundian singers should first of all take seriously the art of singing as a career and not a pastime to attract many sponsors,” states Memba.
Sat B. concludes that Burundian singers should work hard and consider music as their wealthy industry; they ought to have a far-sighted vision about their future career.

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