The Burundian Democrats Rally- RDB party is not satisfied with the achievements made by CNARED.  « Our counterparts continue to suffer in different refugee camps while those living in the country including thousands of illegal and political detainees are bullied”, says Jérèmie Minani, RDB chairman adding that the party has decided to withdraw from the council from 9 January.

Jérèmie Minani: « CNARED board continues to defend its own interests instead of improving the prevailing situation in the country”

He accuses CNARED Board of not finding tangible solutions to the current crisis. “CNARED board continues to defend its own interests instead of improving the prevailing situation in the country”, he says.

Jérèmie Minani, former spokesperson for CNARED says the RDB party has first withdrawn from the council on 29 August 2018 and was still reassessing the situation before joining the council. Jérèmie Minani, however, says the current CNARED board could not restore the Arusha Agreement because of its interests. “CNARED has been taken by a small group of people to promote their own interests instead of the population interests,” he says.

In the statement issued on 3 January, CNARED Board reported that it has taken note of the withdrawal of Jérèmie Minani. “He has also expressed his disappointment against the council through his communication,” says Anicet Niyonkuru

CNARED has been established after the outbreak of 2015 crisis due to the announcement of Pierre Nkurunziza to run for another term as President. From then, different members of CNARED including Alice Nzomukunda, chairman of ADR party, Former President Sylvestre Ntibantunganya… have left the council.

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