Police officer who killed his wife condemned to life sentence

A sentence of life imprisonment and a fine of BIF 50 million to be given to the family of the killed wife is the punishment given to Prime Nduwimana, a police officer who has killed his wife on Wednesday 5 December 2018. This was decided in an urgent penal procedure this 7 December 2018.

Prime Nduwimana, a police officer accused of killing his wife.

Prime Nduwimana, a police officer accused of killing his wife.

The case was proceeded as a flagrant case by the Criminal Chamber. After listening to both parties, the accused and the civil party represented by the father of the deceased. The public prosecutor demanded that the accused be given a life sentence for murder.

Aaron Gahungu, father of the deceased, says his son -in-law said it before that he will kill his wife. “It has not happened by accident. Mr. Nduwimana has vowed several times that he will kill her, it is a planned killing. There was a problem of misunderstanding because of concubines”.

Mr. Gahungu demanded that a 250 million-fine be given to the deceased’s family as compensation. He also requested to guard the six children left by his daughter.

After a few minutes of deliberation, the sentence was pronounced. “Nduwimana has to be jailed for life and pay BIF 50 million of fine that will be given to the deceased wife’s family”.

Major Prime Nduwimana has been accused of killing his wife with his service weapon. He also wounded his eight month- year- old baby that his wife was carrying on her back. The killed woman, aged 36, was a teacher in secondary school.

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