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Paved roads but unhealthy gutters

People living near paved roads complain about unsanitary gutters. They are frightened by the situation and ask themselves whom is the responsibility to ensure cleanness.-By Yves Didier Irakoze

Unhealthy gutter near a paved road.©Iwacu

Unhealthy gutter near a paved road.©Iwacu

Walking near the gutters on paved road quarters, you are welcomed by bad smell of waste water and materials especially when it rains. “People throw various dirty objects which fill the gutters and block water to flow as usual. This situation is worse and worse all over the place,” points out Jeanne Kaneza living at Nyakabiga. Patrick N. has the same view as Jeanne and says that this situation is not only a threat to the environment but also to people’s health. “Because there is a water blockage, there are a lot of flying mosquitoes around causing malaria to inhabitants who live in the place,” he declares. It is important that the city council, administration, all the concerned institutions and population, to urgently tackle the issue very seriously because the situation is very dangerous though a very remarkable indifference.

Some reactions

According to Olivier Chanoine, an Officer in Belgium Technical Cooperation (CTB) also in charge of paving roads program management, cleaning and maintaining those paved roads are no longer our task. “We provided paved roads in different areas. So, it’s up to the population and administration authorities in the communes to look after them,” declares Olivier. He adds that the inhabitants are the first beneficiaries of this public gift and good. Then, they should be sensitized to the importance of their health and welfare. Eric Nkurunziza, the Administrator of Nyakabiga Commune mentions that the administration authorities have mobilized people living along paved roads to ensure cleanliness in the gutters and fight against any dirtiness around their houses. Some punitive measures are already given to people who don’t respect the instructions and recommendations. “We have recommended them to keep that public good carefully and safely as this latter is for their benefit. If we continue looking after the different places ourselves, they will no longer make any effort to do it themselves. They have to be responsible for the salubrious state of both roads and gutters near their residence areas,” highlights the Administrator. He adds that traders who live near the places give for the moment the contribution of BIF500 or BIF1000 to pay workers to clean those gutters.
“They do it in collaboration with the administration and the results will be probably good,” hopes Nkurunziza.
According to Christine Inakanyana, the Kinindo Commune Administrator, people have been mobilized to ensure cleanliness in front of their houses and especially in the gutters. Otherwise, sanctions are taken to those who don’t respect the recommendations. Today, people are sensitized to the respect and protection of the public property.

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  1. Pascasie Nimubona.

    The administrator is right for many reasons. Each of one has the responsability to clean the perimeter that contain along within the paved road and his or her parcel. citizen should take that seriously as it is for their health benefits. the government cannot do everything without citizen help. Just an opinion.

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