‘Oktoberfest’ in Bujumbura

On Friday 10 October 2014 Burundian brewer Brarudi organized the Amstel Beer Fest. Kibido, Kitoko and other Burundian stars performed.-By J.Berchmans Siboniyo

Excited people when Brarudiwas promoting Amstel ©Iwacu

Excited people when Brarudiwas promoting Amstel ©Iwacu

The German Oktoberfest is taking over the world. The festival originates in München, Germany. It is the largest beer festival in the world and lasts about two weeks. It’s popularity has inspired others worldwide to organize similar events. “Simply said it is fantastic”, says Blaise, a visitor at the event. “Everything is alright”, agrees Uhr, a German who attended the event. “Well organized, in a good place where security is warranted. It is really exciting.” “Brarudi is the leader of all companies operating here in Burundi. No other company thinks about promoting Burundian musicians like Brarudi. If I bought a car for my mother, it is because of Brarudi”, says Big Furiouz, a Burundian star who thanks part of his popularity to the brewer. “I liked the promotion 100%Brarudi unites Burundians. Everyone is happy, their faces show it”, says Kitoko, a Rwandan popstar who performed during the event. “We thank Brarudi very much for bringing us our beloved stars like Kidumu”, says Rally Joe, the first Burundian to win the Brarudi Primusic Prize. “Many Burundians have seen stars like Kitoko on the screen. It is because of Brarudi that they can now touch their hands.” He adds that he is happy there were many attendants. Kibido, a pop star known throughout the East African region, mentions thatBrarudi is also contributing to peacekeeping. “Burundians can sit together around a glass of beer dancing and exchanging ideas without political or ethnical distinction.” He himself took the occasion to deliver an important message to Burundians in this period of preparation for the election process. “Burundi means more than any man or any woman in it, more than anything in it. No one feels happy when he is called a refugee, orphan, widow or widower. Some of us carried these names. We don’t want to bear them again”, he states. Alexandra Sindahera, the Secretary General of Brarudi reveals that all the tickets were sold and more people wanted to enter.This was the second edition of the Amstel Beer Fest.

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