' Long queues at Kinindo City Oil station

Fuel shortage far from being worked out in Burundi

04-27-2017 Long queues of cars, motorcycles and people who have cans, wait for hours at the few stations that are open. City oil and Kingstar stations from the southern to northern neighborhoods in the capital Bujumbura are providing fuel. “I have spent four days looking for fuel but in vain”, (...)
' Fares on public transport increased

Burundi’s 2017 budget hitting consumers as government raises cost of fuel, and now bus fares

01-13-2017 The ministries of commerce and transport increased fares on public transport in Bujumbura on Thursday 12th January, due to the rising cost of fuel. Fares will rise from BIF 300 to BIF 350 in Bujumbura, and by 11% in the rest of the country. The rise in the cost (...)
' Trucks overloaded with charcoal

Restrictive measures against excessive charcoal loading

01-12-2017 Police traffic say restrictive measures will be taken against charcoal dealers who overload their trucks with charcoal. The latter say they do so because traffic police ask them to pay bribes. “We meet various roadblocks set up by some civilians and the police on our way to the capital (...)
' bus town

Speculation in transportation fees following recent fuel price increase

01-10-2017 “Prices of transport have significantly increased since Sunday on 8th January. I make a round trip from Bujumbura to Muramvya every weekend to see my family as I work far from them. On Sunday evening, on my way back to Bujumbura, I paid BIF 5000 from Muramvya to Bujumbura (...)
' Burundi Transport Minister suspends measure to purchase plates for bicycle-taxi riders

Burundi Transport Minister suspends measure to purchase plates for bicycle-taxi riders

01-04-2017 “We have learned that bicycle-taxi riders complained about the measure that was taken, forcing them to purchase number plates for their bicycles. We, then, decided to suspend the disputed measure, “said Jean Bosco Ntunzwenimana Minister of Transport. He said the department in charge of controlling the transportation sector has (...)
' All parking spaces are now chargeable to vehicle users.

No more free parking in Bujumbura the capital

11-03-2016 From November 1st, all public parking spaces are charged for all cars in Bujumbura. This new measure imposed by the Bujumbura city mayor did not go down well with vehicle owners. Since the beginning of November, all the users of means of transport such as vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles (...)
' Muha emergency bridge is now operational

Muha emergency bridge now functional

10-11-2016 The makeshift bridge connecting Muha and Mukaza municipalities which was destroyed following the torrential rains that fell in Bujumbura on Saturday night is now operational. This bridge was built to temporarily replace the former one under construction for four months since it got destroyed and thus blocking the usual (...)
' Kanyaru-1024x590

Transportation buses forbidden to cross Burundi- Rwanda border

08-05-2016 This measure was implemented on 4 August by the police. PAFE (Migration police) agents prevented all public transportation buses going to or from Rwanda from crossing the border. Sources from Kanyaru border post revealed that travelers who left Bujumbura before 10 am were able to continue their trip but (...)
' Motorcyclists

Discontent among motorcyclists

07-27-2016 Special badges for paid transportation motorcycles and complete documents are some requirements of Muyinga province officials since last week. Drivers stand against that measure and claim for its suspension. The ultimatum expired on 17 July. All motorbikes allocated in the paid transport of people in Muyinga north-eastern province ought (...)
' Road accident

Figures for Road Accidents Fall in 2014

01-14-2015 In Bujumbura City Council, figures of road accidents recorded during 2014 have fallen compared to previous years, particularly those in December.-By Yves Didier Irakoze  According to Alfred Innocent Museremu, OPP1 Commander of Traffic Police and Road Security, the number of road accidents for the year 2014were 2603 whereas for (...)
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