' Aimée Divine Niyokwizigirwa: “The signing of CNC specifications is a prerequisite for all the press and communication houses operating in Burundi”.

Media houses must comply with CNC Specifications by 31 July

06-21-2017 “All the media houses whose specifications have not been updated and signed at the National Communication Council [CNC] are requested to update them without delay. Otherwise, they will be considered as irregular”, says Aimée Divine Niyokwizigirwa, deputy chairperson of and spokesperson for CNC. She says that for public and (...)
' Burundi has lost its once-promising rating for the freedom of the press

Burundi media regulator speaks for press freedom

06-06-2017 The government media regulator authority speaks against administrative officials’ interference with the freedom of journalists. The chairman of National Media Regulator (CNC) urges administrative authorities to stop hampering the work of accredited journalists. In a meeting Ramadhan Karenga, the Chairman of CNC, held this Tuesday with media professionals, he (...)
' Pierre Nkurikiye, Spokesman for Burundi Police handing Antediteste Niragira, correspondent of Deutsche Welle over to Aimée Divine Niyokwizigirwa, Spokesperson for CNC

DW correspondent set free after detention in DRC

05-23-2017 The Burundian police have handed over the Burundian journalist, Antediteste Niragira working for the German channel Deutsche Welle, to the National Communication Council (CNC). He has been detained in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 17 May. Deutsche Welle correspondent Antediteste Niragira, who had just been released from Uvira (...)
' Ramadhan Karenga: “The National Media Register has been created but isn’t yet operational due to a lack of resources whereas it should facilitate the procedures for the granting of a professional card.”

CNC: “Media persons work without professional card”

05-03-2017 Burundi Media Regulator-CNC has released its 2016 annual report on the World Press Freedom this 3 May 2017. It admits that Burundian journalists face various challenges. “Journalists, information technicians, film makers and media assistants do their work without a professional card because the issuance of such a card requires (...)
' The freedom of Burundian press is restricted

No media freedom in Burundi, Reporters Without Borders says

04-27-2017 Reporters without Borders (RSF) ranks Burundi the 160th out of 180 countries in the 2017 World Press Freedom Index. RSF says the country was the 156th in 2016. It is ranked behind all the East African Community countries. The situation in Burundi has become more and more complex since (...)
' Bruno Simbavimbere, current representative of the Burundian Musicians Association: “The 30 musicians who claim my replacement mean nothing compared to more than 400 existing Burundian musicians”

Musicians demand replacement of Burundian Musicians’ Association representative

03-29-2017 Thirty Burundian musicians from inside and outside the country addressed last week a correspondence to the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport asking him to replace the current representative of the Burundian Musicians’ Association.They accuse him of leading this association more than 13 years illegally. “We need new representatives (...)
' Gabriel Bihumugani, CNC Deputy Head "There are 2 public radios and 24 private ones in Burundi."

World Radio Day, opportunity to know media situation in Burundi

02-14-2017 This Monday 13 February 2017 is an international day dedicated to radio. It is an opportunity for people to know the situation of Burundi media, says Gabriel Bihumugani, Deputy Head of the national institution which monitors Burundi media-CNC. “This is an opportunity for people to know the number of (...)
' Minister of Information Nestor Bankumukunzi visiting Iwacu Press Group

Radio Rema and Isanganiro threatened by financial challenges, says Minister of Information

02-13-2017 Two media outlets operating in Burundi are facing enormous financial challenges. Radio Rema and Isanganiro, which were destroyed in 2015 during the coup attempt, are experiencing serious technical and financial difficulties, according to the Minister of Information. On 10 February, Minister of Information Nestor Bankumukunzi paid a visit to (...)
' Léontine Nzeyimana: “We transmitted numerous bills but MPs have not yet adopted them”

Single tourist visa still pending in Burundi Parliament

02-09-2017 Léontine Nzeyimana, Minister of EAC Affairs says the project of joining other partner states in the use of the single tourist visa is ongoing. “The adoption of the bill to harmonize with other countries is still pending in Burundi Parliament. We transmitted numerous bills but MPs have not yet (...)
' Burundi moves from analog to digital television

Burundi moves from analog to digital television

12-19-2016 “From today onwards, with the intention to fulfill our international obligations of the 2006 Geneva Agreement that Burundi has signed, our country will progressively move from analog to digital TV broadcasting”, said Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza in his speech at the inaugural ceremony of digital TV broadcasting at the (...)