' Amine El Kosseifi: “I could not approve the whole budget while we have sponsorship for photos and videos”.

Five members of 2018 Miss Burundi organization committee resign

07-05-2018 Five out of seven members of the organizing committee of Miss Burundi 2018 announced their resignation on social media on July 3 due to some misunderstanding with the chairman of the committee. Amine El Kosseifi, the chairman of Burundi events organization, says the cause of the resignation was some (...)
' A sample of the national press card

CNC to issue national press card soon

06-26-2018 Burundi Media Regulator- CNC has held a meeting this June 25, 2018 with representatives of different media organizations operating in Burundi to discuss strategies to be adopted so as to boost media sector in Burundi. Among the top questions discussed, there was the validation of a national professional press (...)
' Former CNC chairman Ramadhan Karenga (left) replaced by Nestor Bankumukunzi

Burundi: New boss commits himself to accomplish missions assigned to CNC

06-15-2018 Ramadhan Karenga has handed over power to Nestor Bankumukunzi, former Minister of Communication to chair the National Communication Council-CNC, after two years and three months at the chairmanship. In the plenary session held this 14 June held by CNC members, Nestor Bankumukunzi has been unanimously elected to chair the (...)
' Emmanuel Nengo: “We deplore this behavior given that there is no evidence proving this banditry”

Batwa community concerned over members’ killings

05-24-2018 Emmanuel Nengo, Legal Representative of the Union for Batwa Promotion in Burundi-UNIPROBA says Batwa community is threatened these days. He refers to the last killing of Désiré Kubwami, aged 30, from Muhweza hill in Buhiga Commune of Karuzi Province killed on 18 May, one day after the referendum. “We (...)
' Ramadhani Karenga: “Le Renouveau” newspaper recognized it fault and apologized for the mistake

Sanctions against national Newspaper “Le Renouveau” lifted

05-24-2018 On May 4, 2018, the National Media Regulatory Authority (CNC) took a decision to suspend the advertisement section of the national newspaper “Le Renouveau” for a period of three months. The sanction has just been lifted three weeks later. In a press conference held this Wednesday 23rd May 2018, (...)
' Yves Kami, Burundian musician and singer “the ordinance lacks the terms of application”

Artists to live on their profession, chairman of Burundian musicians says

05-17-2018 “It’s a big step for the Burundi music industry if artists’ pieces of work are protected,” said on 16 May Yves Kami, Burundian musician and singer in response to the circular of the Minister of Culture published on 15 May 2018. According to Pélate Niyonkuru, Minister of Culture, the (...)
' Ramadhani Karenga: “Le Renouveau” newspaper recognized it fault and apologized for the mistake

BBC and VOA radios suspended for six months in Burundi

05-04-2018 The National Media Regulator has suspended BBC and VOA radio stations for six months from broadcasting in Burundi.They have been accused of having violated the law governing the press and professional ethics and the decision will start from 7 May. The Control and Regulation Agency for Telecommunications -ARCT has (...)
' Burundian journalists ask that measures for their security be strengthened

Burundian journalists complain about difficulty of accessing information sources

05-04-2018 While the world celebrates the Press Freedom Day each 3 May, Burundian journalists say working conditions go from bad to worse comparing to the past years. “We work with fear and expect the worse at any time,” says a journalist from a local radio station adding that Burundian journalists (...)
' Nestor Bankumukunzi: "The law cannot be retrospective"

Diploma required to journalists arouse controversy in National Assembly

04-20-2018 The National Assembly analyzed on 19 April, a bill revising the law on the press. Article 7 of the bill requires media professional to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism. MPs worry that some journalists will be dismissed. Agathon Rwasa, First deputy-speaker of the National Assembly deplores (...)
' Ambassador Thomas Strieder: “It takes courage to continue informing people about what’s happening in the country despite challenges”

Iwacu represents media freedom in Burundi, says Germany Ambassador

04-18-2018 During a visit that he conducted to IWACU Press Group on 17 April, Mr. Thomas Strieder, Ambassador of Germany to Burundi has said “Iwacu represents media freedom in the country.” Ambassador Strieder has said he appreciates the work done by Iwacu despite a number of challenges.”It takes courage to (...)
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