' Journalists concentrated on the elaboration of the media action                plan to raise people’s awareness of HIV/AIDS

UNAIDS National Plan for 2016-2021: Journalists pledge to sensitize people to AIDS testing

12-13-2016 “About 800 health centers have been created in the country to test AIDS, but few people come to benefit from the advantages offered by those health centers”, says Richard Manirakiza, deputy director of the National Program for fight against HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases –PNLS/IST. This was said on (...)
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National and international media must obey local law

12-07-2016 “Both local and international media have to abide by the existing law regulating media”, said Nestor Bankumukunzi, Communication Minister when responding to questions by MPs on 6 December. During the session of oral questions in the National Assembly where Nestor Bankumukunzi, Communication Minister was invited, certain MPs suggested that (...)
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CNC prohibits songs playing on local media without AMB approval

12-07-2016 “From March 2017, local media will only play Burundian songs that will have been approved by the Burundi Musicians Association-AMB”, said Gabriel Bihumugani, Deputy-Chairman and Spokesperson of the National Communication Council – CNC. He explained that this decision refers to the law on copyright protection. Bruno Simbavimbere, AMB Chairman, (...)
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Chinese to erect statues to help Burundi honour national heroes

12-01-2016 Pedestals are being built in the municipality of Bujumbura for life-size statues of the heroes of independence and democracy, Prince Louis Rwagasore and President Melchior Ndadaye respectively. The mayor of Bujumbura, Freddy Mbonimpa, says the statues will be erected to honour the heroes. He also says the statues to (...)
' EAC Secretariat pledges journalists to report on community news

EAC Secretariat pledges journalists to report on community news

11-24-2016 “I believe that the media has a big role to play in EAC integration process. The media has a mammoth task of not only educating East Africans on the benefits of integration but also updating them on the achievements”, says Simon Owaka, Senior Public relations Officer in the EAC (...)
' Aimée Nshimirimana, program manager at Rema Radio: “Some media and editors minimize women's skills"

Poor participation of women journalists in political matters

11-16-2016 The Association of Women Journalists-AFJO has organized this 15 November a workshop to sensitize women in general not to be afraid to provide political information, push media officials to encourage female journalists to work on political issues and urge civil society leaders to advocate for gender mainstream in the (...)
' Participants in the African Investigative Journalism workshop during a session on terrorism investigation

African investigative journalists gathering in Johannesburg

11-13-2016 At least 250 investigative journalists from across Africa have been invited to a conference organized yearly by the Journalism Program of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa from 7 to 9 November 2016. Veteran investigative journalists from across the world have also attended the workshop to (...)
' ‘Karadiridimba’ Isanganiro Radio Program temporarily suspended

‘Karadiridimba’ Isanganiro Radio Program temporarily suspended

10-25-2016 This 24 October The National Council of Communication –CNC has taken a decision to suspend for a period of one month, the radio program ‘Karadiridimba’, broadcast on Radio Isanganiro. According Gabriel Bihumugani, the spokesman of CNC, the song played during ‘Karadiridimba’ radio program is the cause of the sanction. (...)
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Gildas Yihundimpundu is now free

10-24-2016 Gildas Yihundimpundu, a BBC correspondent in Burundi arrested on Sunday morning 23 October with an American journalist Julia Steers has just been released. Prime Ndikumagenge, BBC representative in Burundi confirms the information. They were arrested and their equipment was seized, on 23 October around 8 am, while they were (...)
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Kidumu: « I am here for peace, nothing else!”

09-09-2016 Kidumu’s arrival in Bujumbura the capital created controversy as he had come to entertain Burundians in the third Kenya Trade, Investment and Cultural exhibition. For some people, he was taken as a government supporter while for some others, he is simply a musician. An interview with Kidumu for more (...)