Job fair for unemployed youths in Burundi

Counterpart International, an NGO, has organized a two day job fair for unemployed youths in the capital of Bujumbura. About 50 youths from the capital welcomed the initiative.

Beneficiaries of the job fair receive training on how to apply for jobs through interview

Beneficiaries of the job fair receive training on how to apply for jobs through interview

“I have got the opportunity to talk face to face with employers and, thanks to this job fair, I now know how to apply for a job”, said Nina Uwitonze, a young woman who has been unemployed for over two years, met on job fair place.

Different companies and manufactories have installed their stands at “Royal Palace” for the two day job fair from 12 January. All these companies aim to share information with young people about the company’s history, strategy, policy, company recruitment approach, projection of the company’s future needs in terms of recruitment…

Arnaud Nezerwe, another unemployed youth, said the job fair has allowed youths to have contact with the employers. “We hope that the entrepreneurs will choose from among us when they need to recruit employees”, he said.

“Job opportunities are scarce, poverty is high and there is a growing risk that more young people will become involved in political violence”, said Adrien-Christian Tuyaga, youth specialist for the peacebuilding NGO, Counterpart International.

He said that through the Youth for Peacebuilding in Burundi program, Counterpart International helps young people to lead safe, stable lives by reducing violence and increasing income opportunities. “It aims at strengthening the capacity of local organizations that support youth; providing youth with entrepreneurship training and access to cash-for-work programs and supporting youth-led peacebuilding and violence prevention activities”, he said.

Unemployed youths and demobilized soldiers were the main category of people to attend the job fair.
Unemployment is high in Burundi. According to the recent survey conducted by two local NGOs (ADISCO and REJA) in November 2016, 52.5% of young people are unemployed.

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