Independent MP calls on government to free illegally detained prisoners

The independent MP Fabien Baciryanino calls on the Ministry of Justice to free acquitted prisoners.

Fabien Baciryanino: “Some prisoners are detained while they are innocent”.

Fabien Baciryanino: “Some prisoners are detained while they are innocent”.

Fabien Baciryanino says there are three categories of acquitted prisoners who are still detained. “There are those who have been judged innocent by courts, those who have served their sentences and those who have received a presidential pardon but they are still in jail.”

He also says there is a list of illegally detained prisoners that he has given to the Minister of Justice so that they be freed. “Only 30 people were freed out of 120 prisoners. As MPs, our role is to closely follow and see whether or not the government’s measures have been implemented”.

Mr.Baciryanino says there are also irregular cases like prisoners who are detained while they don’t even have files in justice. “There are people who have never got the opportunity to appear in court and others whose files have been lost. How can judges say they have lost the prisoners’ files?” he wonders.
Mr. Baciryanino says he wanted to hold a press conference this Friday 12 but the police forbade him. “I wanted to hold a press conference so as to sensitize people to the fact that there are illegally detained prisoners but the police forbade me”.

On September 19, Independent MP Fabien Baciryanino submitted a list of prisoners that are illegally detained and some of them were later released by the Minister of Justice.

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