Go Training Services: more quality than quantity

After building its capacities from different International English Learning Language Center (I-ELLC), Go Training Services (GTS) has opened its doors with only one motivation: more than just English.By Diane Uwimana

  Joann Washington: “if you want really to invest in the future, you train the youth”.©Iwacu

Joann Washington: “if you want really to invest in the future, you train the youth”.©Iwacu

After acquiring competencies from different countries such as America, South Africa, Yemen and recently in Burundi in the Williams Academy –a program implemented in the Ministry in Charge of East Africa Community Affairs-one of the founders of GTS, Joann L. Washington, former Director of Williams Academy and General Manager of GTS notes that the center comes to bring up Burundi to the international market. “We need to have quality in what we do in this country. Empowering our beneficiaries on how they may learn, think and understand better the way they can develop their leadership skills and improve their economic growth in the World in general and in EAC in particular”, says Joann Washington. She indicates that Burundian youth will be the first targeted group: “if you want really to invest in the future, you train the youth”, she underlines. According to Jeremy Ndayiziga (Former Williams Academy Coordinator), GTS Project Director, English is not only a language but also culture is behind it and they are interdependent. “Nothing is done by itself, everybody must make one’s effort to build one’s capacity and compete with others as the world is becoming more Anglophone”, urges Ndayiziga. Joann Washington mentions that since Burundi has joined EAC, the country is always lagging behind other countries due to the use of French. Today, she continues, GTS wants to raise and solve that obstacle. “What kind of people do we need to train? Burundi needs good leaders for its good governance. With the best practice, we will start with what our beneficiaries know, we will be better partners and facilitators”, she promises.

“Learning fees are negotiable”

Joann Washington notes that the GTS program will not be free: “If you want to benefit from a good service, you must do your best to receive it, then, we will negotiate the fees depending on the beneficiaries’ willing”, she adds. Concerning the relationship between Williams Academy and GTS, Jeremy Ndayiziga points out that GTS is independent and will not work with Williams Academy. “We have got some problems with Williams Academy, something that has pushed us not to continue to work with it. So, we have created our own center in order to offer good services to the beneficiaries,” he explains. Note that I-ELLC curriculum will be designed to provide skills development such as critical thinking, problem thinking, lateral thinking, time management, leadership, effective communication, public speaking, business negotiations…
It is worth mentioning that the program will begin this September 2014 at the International English learning Language Center, within the new Burundi American International Academy (BAIA) located near King’s Conference Center.

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  1. Joann Washington

    This is fabulous! You and your team did such an outstanding job on this interview and writing the article. Now then, I hope the people are listening. I hope they understand that if you keep on doing the same old thing, how can you therefore expect a different result? Only time will tell if Burundi is ready to “Make that Change!


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