Four people killed in gun attack in Bujumbura

Armed civilians opened fire on makers of “Kanyanga”, a prohibited drink in Buhinyuza area. Four people died immediately and two others were seriously injured. Police say the criminals have not been identified so far. Residents ask the government to protect its people.

Buhinyuza residents at the house of Jeanine Ntakarutimana

Buhinyuza residents at the house of Jeanine Ntakarutimana

Yesterday night around 10 pm, men in plain clothes with guns attacked makers of “Kanyanga”, a prohibited drink in Buhinyuza district, in north of the capital Bujumbura. Four among them namely Jeanine Ntakarutimana, a mother of two, Thierry Ntakarutimana, a 17-year-old boy, Gérard Habimana, and Maurice Havyarimana died on the spot. Gilbert Bigirimana and Yvonne Nakarutimana were seriously wounded.

“Men in civilian clothes shot at us while we were making ‘Kanyanga’ in a house located between Gikoma and Muzazi areas. I just escaped, “a survivor told Iwacu reporters.

He said he recognizes that making prohibited drinks is an offense. “We are aware that making and selling ‘Kanyanga’ is banned by the Burundian law. However, we should be brought to justice instead of being killed,” he said.

The victims’ neighbor calls on the government to protect its people. She says her neighbors engage in making prohibited drinks to survive adding that they had to be punished instead of being killed.

“Earning a living in Bujumbura is a struggle. Although it is forbidden to make Kanyanga, some people break the law to survive. Now that they are dead, what will become of their children? “said Mélanie K., a neighbor of the victims.
Police spokesman, Pierre Nkurikiye said the criminals have not so far been identified.

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