Fear also in Buterere

Since March 16, members of political opposition parties do no longer spend the night in their homes for fear of being killed. The administration talks about unfounded rumours. By Christian Bigirmana and Dieudonné Hakizimana translated by Diane Uwimana

Plainly, an MSD member states that life has become unbearable for members of political opposition parties. “We are supervised day and night, and we fear for our safety. » Everything goes back, he says, to Saturday 14 March 2015. Following the opening ceremonies of their permanence in the locality of Nyarumanga, inhabited by the Twa community, the building of the permanence was vandalized.
Blood was splashed on the walls and doors, and crosses were drawn. Three supporters of the MSD of the Twa community were injured. A woman was raped. She was transported to Seruka center for care and psychological assistance.

On Monday, 16 March 2015, new police officers patrol from 8pm. They ask different merchants to close their shops. According to other information there is a meeting held at Clement Manirakiza’s house, the president of the CNDD – FDD party in Buterere and an agent of SNR commonly called Kazungu, circulating around the area at the same time.

“Some will keep spears or machetes with them…”

Around 11 pm, an officer stopped a young man cycling. His bike and phone were confiscated. The young man was sent away. Tension then reached its climax. Supporters of MSD and FNL all decided not to spend the night inside their homes: “We left our homes. Only women and children spent the night there. »

Pauline Ruratotoye: “I am not aware of the situation.” @iwacu

Pauline Ruratotoye: “I am not aware of the situation.” @iwacu

Samuel Ndikumana, chief of Kiyange 2 district, was informed of the tension but reassured people by promising them a meeting the next day to reassure everyone. “This meeting has not taken place,” says a surprised of pro Rwasa sympathizer.

On Tuesday 17 March 2015, Kizemba, a member of Imbonerakure,told members of the opposition that there is a plan to kill them, “It was around 6 pm and were told by Kizemba in Kirundi that: ” Turabakorerako rino joro n ‘ Urutonde rurazwi : We will take care of you tonight and the list is known). »
Since then, these supporters of political opposition parties do not spend the night at home, “Some will keep spears or machetes and other bladed weapons with them for protection,” says a member of the MSD.

“Unfounded rumours…”

All fingers point to Clement Manirakiza as the source of this tension, with the complicity of police officers: “There is no doubt that it was he who ordered the Imbonerakure to attack the permanence of MSD. »

Clement Manirakiza rejects these accusations and claims that they are without merit. And because, he says, he is the Chairman of the CNDD – FDD party during the day and not at night: “What happens at night is under the jurisdiction of the administration and the police.” He adds that:” If there is a member of the Imbonerakure who participated in the vandalism of this permanence, he should be prosecuted individually. »

Concerning the meeting that was held at his home, Manirakiza talks about the rumours. “My house is 6 square meters. Where I would hold such a meeting? “For him, those who spread this information simply want to tarnish his name.
When contacted, Pauline Ruratotoye, Buterere communal administrator indicates that she is not aware of this situation. “I have had no report about that,” she concluded.

Pierre Claver Mbonimpa: “Fear is spreading”

The President of APRODH notes that signs of violence are visible in Bujumbura and the countryside, “People are intimidated or assaulted and some are beginning to flee the country, especially in the north of the country.”

Pierre Claver Mbonimpa: “The list of who will be killed is already established.”@iwacu

Pierre Claver Mbonimpa: “The list of who will be killed is already established.”@iwacu

According to him, the distribution of weapons to the young worsens the situation. Pierre Claver Mbonimpa says that the lists of people to be killed have already been established. He gives the example of Pacifique Nininahazwe, Agathon Rwasa, Maggy Barankitse, Léonce Ngendakumana, Bob Rugurika and himself. And Pierre Claver Mbonimpa reveals that for this macabre plan to succeed certain foreigners are currently in Burundi to liquidate the mentioned opponents and members of civil society.  “The most recent case is that of the wife of Agathon Rwasa, because at the absence of the political opponent his wife was attacked instead,” says Mbonimpa.

He also recalled that strangers went to the home of Pacifique Nininahazwe to intimidate his family: “We have some information about these criminals. But if we denounce them, those who should stop them, will turn against us instead because the entire country is infected. ”  The President of APRODH believes that all such violence is likely related to the third term of the President of the Republic.



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