European parliament adopts new resolution on Burundi

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Burundi this July 12. It builds a rather bleak picture of the situation prevailing in Burundi. Bujumbura government speaks about slander on the country.

The European Parliament during a debate on the Burundian situation

The European Parliament during a debate on the Burundian situation

It is a serious charge. The European legislature expresses its deep concern about permanent impunity, summary executions, torture, enforced disappearances and arbitrary detentions. The assessment of the crisis that began in 2015 is alarming. The European parliament refers in particular to 1, 67 million people in need of humanitarian aid and more than 410 thousand refugees.

For the European legislature, the recent president’s speech announcing his withdrawal from the 2020 elections should not distract people. The ICC must continue its preliminary investigation. There is a risk that the current political crisis will turn into an ethnic conflict. The evidence: Hate speeches that “opponents, members of civil society, journalists and Tutsi ethnic group members referred to as” enemies of the regime “must be eliminated.”

For the European parliament, it is out of the question to resume direct financial aid. Sanctions must be maintained. A thaw is only possible if there is the rule of law and democracy.
The European Parliament goes further. It calls for the suspension of any additional payments to Burundian contingents engaged on UN and African Union peacekeeping missions.

Bujumbura condemns the resolution

According to this resolution, the essential way to reinvigorate the inter-Burundian dialogue, which has so far remained deadlocked, would be an urgent resumption of inclusive talks without preconditions.
The draft resolution was submitted to the parliament on 5 July. The debate on this draft took place at the end of last week in the European Parliament. Deputies, like the Belgian, Louis Michel backed it strongly.

The European Parliament ended up adopting the resolution. However, it remains for the EU executive to decide how far it wants to go in the consideration of this parliamentary proposal.

In any case, Bujumbura condemns the resolution and says that these European parliamentarians who submitted the draft resolution are in bad faith and deny a clear improvement of the situation in Burundi.

The ruling party CNDD-FDD says this resolution is just another proof of the support of coup plotters by some European executives. The latter have difficulty conceding defeat and spend their time denying the truth about the country’s situation.


Willy Nyamitwe: “They have trouble recognizing that they were wrong”

NyamitweBased on the content of the resolution in question, the Senior Adviser to the President of the Republic speaks about animosity. According to Ambassador Willy Nyamitwe, one wonders whether the peace, security that prevail in Burundi are not likely to disturb some individuals who have given everything and invested in the destabilization of Burundi and who have difficulty recognizing that they went wrong in their analyses and that they simply failed.



Agathon Rwasa: “It’s Bujumbura that gives substance to this resolution”

Agathon RwasaThe first Deputy-Speaker of the National Assembly says that it is the power in place that gives substance to those who draft and adopt resolutions to its disadvantage. According to Agathon Rwasa, the arrests of those who voted no to the revision of the constitution are ongoing. “Why compiling the list of those who have campaigned for no and proceed to arrests and intimidation while we say we live in a country where human rights are respected?” He believes that Bujumbura should focus on dialogue to resolve tensions with its partners.



Anicet Niyonkuru “The European financial assistance should not strengthen dictatorship”

Anicet niyonkuru - CopieThe Executive Secretary of CNARED, the opposition platform in exile salutes “the initiative of the members of the European Parliament” who put forward this resolution. On twitter, Anicet Niyonkuru had called on all the members of the European Parliament to vote for “this precious resolution”. According to him, “the European financial assistance should not be used to strengthen dictatorship.”


Abel Gashatsi: “Burundian troops at the service of international security”

Abel GashatsiFor the President of UPRONA party, it is first in the interest of international security that Burundian soldiers ensure peace especially in Somalia, risking their own lives. Abel Gashatsi calls on the European Parliament to recognize the improvement of the situation in Burundi and lend a deaf year to rumors and gossip. He calls on this European institution to help Burundi move towards the 2020 elections.

Written by Agnès Ndirubusa and translated by

Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana


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