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National broadcast reporter imprisoned for three days

Jean Claude Nshimirimana, a journalist of the national radio (RTNB), remains incarcerated since Sunday, May 5, in the police cell of Kabezi commune in Bujumbura province. The police arrested him accusing him of holding an illegal and clandestine meeting. Mr Nshimirimana was supposed to appear before the Bujumbura public prosecutor this Tuesday, May 7. “He […] (...)

Cibitoke: Heavy gunshots in Nyungwe forest cause panic in Mugina and Mabayi

The population of Mugina and Mabayi communes bordering Rwanda is gripped with fear. Heavy gunshots have been heard recently in Nyungwe forest. The authorities reassure them. Gunshots worry the inhabitants of Ngoma and Nyamihana hills of Rubona zone in Mugina commune and those of Ruhororo zone in Mabayi commune in Cibitoke western province. It’s on […] (...)

Clashes between youths in Butihinda

The Rukira hill of Butihinda commune in Muyinga province has been a theatre of clashes between the youths of the ruling party and those of the opposition. The confrontation left two dead on side of the opposition youth. It all started on the evening of Sunday, April 21st. About five Imbonerakure-youths affiliated to the ruling […] (...)

A police commissioner out of control

Shocking sounds have been circulating on social media and are attributed to Muyinga province police commissioner. This officer says he is ready to decimate any family where “a clandestine night meeting” will be held. Questioned by Iwacu, Jérôme Ntibibogora doesn’t budge an inch. Iwacu proposes a verbatim transcript of his speech in English. You mentioned […] (...)

Gitega: From arrests to disappearances

Four people from Gitega commune in Gitega central province have been reported missing since 18 March. One had been found but was arrested by the police and went missing again the next day. Reporting. It had just rained on the hillside of Mirama in Mubuga area of Gitega commune on Wednesday 10 April around midday. […] (...)

“Even the biggest enemies can come together”

In an exclusive interview with Iwacu, Zachary Muburi-Muita, Executive Secretary of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region-ICGLR, returns to the issues of concern within the region. Among other things, he gives his opinions on the accusations and counter-accusations between Burundi and Rwanda, tensions between Kigali and Kampala, the request by Burundi of an […] (...)

Rwanda speaks its mind

Gitega believes that Kigali is exaggerating by advising its nationals against coming to Burundi. This is another proof that the conflict between Burundi and Rwanda is far from ending. Towards an escalation in the deterioration of relations between the two neighboring countries? On March 20, the commander of the east military region and the governor […] (...)

Ruyigi: Disillusionment among returnees in Gisuru commune

Faced with by poverty and famine, returnees living in Gisuru commune say that the promises of assistance upon their return were not honored. They ask the government to help them. Dozens of houses built with adobe bricks and covered with straws are visible in a village located in Gacokwe area at about 10 kilometers from […] (...)

Opinion/Return of CNARED, a false debate

By Antoine Kaburahe The opposition platform in exile-CNARED lashes out at the political journalist Agnès Ndirubusa and Iwacu newspaper after the publication of the article «CNARED or a homecoming notebook The article did not please CNARED, given the tweets published by the platform. It does not matter. Before going any further, I would like to […] (...)

CNARED or homecoming notebook

The relationship between CNARED and the Government makes me think of those words of Didier Barbelivien singing: “Come back, we will live hand in hand, the adventure with you is so good …, ” because the question of CNARED’s return to the country is no longer taboo. It all began far, far away towards the […] (...)

Four killed in armed attack in north of Bujumbura

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Eight killed by hippos in Rumonge within five months

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CNC accuses “some media” of broadcasting unbalanced information

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Justice decision to seize properties of alleged coup plotters arouses controversy

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