Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana

GIJC2019: Investigative journalists say they face several challenges

At the 11th Global Investigative Journalism Conference currently being held in Germany, investigative journalists from around the world say they faced a lot of challenges while doing their job. They mainly point out the lack financial means, limited access to official sources of information and the government crackdown on the media. Catherine Gicheru, an investigative […] (...)

Repatriation of Burundian refugees at all costs

Since 9 September, Burundian refugees in Nyarugusu camp in Tanzania have been deprived of markets. The situation was exacerbated by the agreement signed between Tanzania and Burundi to launch a huge campaign of mass return of refugees from October 1st. Markets in Nyarugusu camp have been closed since 9 September. Refugees who were selling or […] (...)

USA for voluntary repatriation of refugees in Great Lakes Region

At a press conference held this Wednesday, September 11, the US Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region of Africa has said the repatriation of Burundian refugees judged to be “forced” by some people, must follow a voluntary process. J. Peter Pham has said “the forced repatriation of refugees is not only injustice but also […] (...)

Commission of Inquiry on Burundi calls for vigilance

According to the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Burundi, eight risk factors common to criminal atrocities and deterioration of the human rights situation exist in Burundi, a few months before the 2020 elections. At a press conference held on Wednesday, September 4, that commission chaired by Doudou Diène has alerted the international community and […] (...)

Three years now without truth about Jean Bigirimana

On Monday, July 22, 2019, precisely three years after the kidnapping of the journalist Jean Bigirimana in Bugarama area in Muramvya province, Iwacu Press Group organized a ceremony in memory of this missing person. All the editorial staff agrees on one thing: the commemoration must begin the time when our colleague received the last phone […] (...)

Kirundo: Political intolerance escalates

From Bwambarangwe to Ntega via Bugabira, the communes of Kirundo province in the north of the country, political intolerance is on the rise. Members of the National Congress for Liberty (CNL) led by Agathon Rwasa are beaten and arrested. They point the finger at the administration and the Imbonerakure of the ruling party. Fabrice Sendegeya […] (...)

National broadcast reporter imprisoned for three days

Jean Claude Nshimirimana, a journalist of the national radio (RTNB), remains incarcerated since Sunday, May 5, in the police cell of Kabezi commune in Bujumbura province. The police arrested him accusing him of holding an illegal and clandestine meeting. Mr Nshimirimana was supposed to appear before the Bujumbura public prosecutor this Tuesday, May 7. “He […] (...)

Cibitoke: Heavy gunshots in Nyungwe forest cause panic in Mugina and Mabayi

The population of Mugina and Mabayi communes bordering Rwanda is gripped with fear. Heavy gunshots have been heard recently in Nyungwe forest. The authorities reassure them. Gunshots worry the inhabitants of Ngoma and Nyamihana hills of Rubona zone in Mugina commune and those of Ruhororo zone in Mabayi commune in Cibitoke western province. It’s on […] (...)

Clashes between youths in Butihinda

The Rukira hill of Butihinda commune in Muyinga province has been a theatre of clashes between the youths of the ruling party and those of the opposition. The confrontation left two dead on side of the opposition youth. It all started on the evening of Sunday, April 21st. About five Imbonerakure-youths affiliated to the ruling […] (...)

A police commissioner out of control

Shocking sounds have been circulating on social media and are attributed to Muyinga province police commissioner. This officer says he is ready to decimate any family where “a clandestine night meeting” will be held. Questioned by Iwacu, Jérôme Ntibibogora doesn’t budge an inch. Iwacu proposes a verbatim transcript of his speech in English. You mentioned […] (...)