Drivers denounce extra tax imposition in Rugombo commune

Drivers of bikes, buses and taxis in Rugombo commune of Cibitoke province complain about additional taxes the local administration has recently imposed on them. “Before moving from Rugombo to another commune, we must show the receipt proving that we have paid the annual tax to the commune”, says a taxi driver in Rugombo commune. He says that bikes, buses and taxis pay BIF 5000, 20000 and 10000 respectively.

Rugombo Commune parking station

Rugombo Commune parking station

“The measure imposed by the administrative officials didn’t go down well with us as we have already paid for all required documents before embarking on transport activities”, he says.

Another bus driver says he does not know the reason why the measure has been taken without their consent. “We were not accustomed to paying annual taxes. It was only done for shop owners. The administration should explain to us the motives behind the decision,” he says adding that the transportation fares will have to increase due to that measure.

Béatrice Kaderi, Rugombo administrator, says the drivers seem to ignore the importance of paying such taxes. “They are aware that they must pay the annual taxes. Otherwise, those who are recalcitrant will be punished”, she says before adding that they have to do so for the country’s development.

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