Burundi parliament rejects the deployment of 228 police officers

Parliamentarians during a plenary session

Parliamentarians during a plenary session

Following the UNSC adoption of the resolution 2303 authorizing the deployment of 228 police officers in Burundi to monitor the human rights situation, the Burundi National Assembly issued a statement on 18 August. For it, this resolution is a threat to Burundi stability.

The lower chamber of the parliament stated that the decision did not take into account the Burundian government’s position that had been communicated to the UNSC timely.

Consequently, members of the National Assembly as representatives of Burundian people support the Burundi Government’s decision to reject any provision of the resolution 2303 on the subject of the deployment of any force on the Burundian territory.

Burundi National Assembly strongly appeals to the UN Security Council to consider the current security situation in Burundi when adopting such a resolution. That institution encourages the government of Burundi to sign a memorandum of understanding with the African Union, which allows the sending of UN military observers and human rights experts in Burundi.

Burundi senate also adopted and signed Thursday morning a resolution that rejects the UNSC resolution 2303. For the upper chamber of the parliament, the deployment of these police officers is inappropriate given the political and security situation prevailing in Burundi these days.

During the meeting held by the National Security Council (NSC) on 18 August in Bujumbura under the chairmanship of President Pierre Nkurunziza, members stated that the security situation is generally good throughout the country except some targeted assassinations reported in some areas of the country.

The NSC calls for the Burundian population’s commitment to safeguard peace and security.

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