Burundi in bottom ranks of African Governance Index

Burundi ranks 38th, out of 52 countries and is the worst performing member of the East African Community. The Burundian Government claims that the classification is erroneous.-By Burundi in bottom ranks of African Governance Index

Burundi in bottom ranks of African Governance Index ©Iwacu

Philippe Nzobonariba, Spokesman for  the Government: “The criteria on which they based the classification and the way the survey was carried out, was not communicated to the government. Did they ask Burundians how they aregoverned? Did they ask mothers who gave birth and received free medical treatment? Did they consult with drivers who can leave Muyingalate in the evening and arrive at Gare du Nord safely at night? Will these people agree with the foundation?”

Denis Ndayishemeza, the Vice-Chairman of the Forum pour la Conscience et le Développement (FOCODE), indicates that the position befits Burundi. “The foundation is international and classified Burundi with 51 other countries of the continent. It has the means to carry out a reliable investigation and has no interest in distorting the facts.”
Four criteria were taken into account during the classification: Safety and Rule of Law, Participation and Human Rights, Sustainable Economic Opportunity and Human Development. These four pillars cover over a hundred indicators ranging from infrastructure to freedom of expression, from sanitation to property rights.

Focusing on governance, Mr. Ndayishemeza points to the many attempts by the Head of State to change the Constitution toallow him a 3rd mandate as president. He also believes the mistreatment of opposition members is reflected in Burundi’s position in the index. Ndayishemeza: “Furthermore, Burundi suffers from poverty, a poor quality of education and lack of sanitation in most areas of the country.”
The Mo Ibrahim Foundation publishes the governance index every five years. The classification is made to recognize, award and celebrate African leaders who have developed their countries, lifted people out of poverty and paved the way for sustainable and equitable prosperity. It is also done to highlight exceptional role models for the continent and ensure that Africa continues to benefit from the experience and expertise of exceptional leaders when they leave national office, by enabling them to continue in other public roles on the continent.

The founder Mohamed Ibrahim is a Sudanese-British billionaire, who made his money in telecommunications.
As in previous years, 52 countries were classified, divided into groups of location: East, West, Sub-Saharan, South, Central and North Africa. The classification shows that Burundi ranks in the bottom fifteen, above Eritrea and Somalia. The top two countriesthis year are Mauritius and Cabo Verde.

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  1. Sheema

    It is normal for the Burundi government to be very disappointed by the dismal ranking but it is equally disappointing that the government should shoot the messenger. Criticizing the report will not change its substance; it only shows the lack of political maturity of the Burundi leadership. It will be hard to turn around and promise Burundians that the same leadership will change that ranking if the sitting president elects to run for another term, unconstitutional though it is. I hope the opposition is paying attention.

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