Burundi Government to attend 5th dialog session on condition

Térence Ntahiraja, Spokesperson for ministry of Home Affairs says Burundi government has never been opposed to dialogue. “Burundi government will attend the upcoming dialog session only if it is well organized,” he says adding that he believes it will be the last.

On 14 august, Mr Ntahiraja had said the Inter-Burundian dialogue session is no longer relevant. “It belongs to the past”, he said.

On 17 August, a delegation of the Office of the Facilitator of the Inter-Burundi dialogue met with Burundi government, leaders of political parties and the diplomatic corps in the capital Bujumbura.

The ruling party-CNDD-FDD which had attended the meeting said it is ready to participate in the next dialog session. Joseph Ntakarutimana, Deputy Secretary General of the party said the dialog session would lead to the implementation of a consensual roadmap to 2020 elections. .

As for Agathon Rwasa, chairman of “Amizero y’ Abarundi” opposition coalition, he insists on monitoring the implementation of a compromise that would come out of the next dialog session. “Otherwise, the roadmap that will result from this session will be counterproductive”, he said. Mr Rwasa urges all stakeholders in the inter-Burundi dialog to take part in the session in order to reach a consensus.

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