Artists to live on their profession, chairman of Burundian musicians says

“It’s a big step for the Burundi music industry if artists’ pieces of work are protected,” said on 16 May Yves Kami, Burundian musician and singer in response to the circular of the Minister of Culture published on 15 May 2018.

Yves Kami, Burundian musician and singer “the ordinance lacks the terms of application”

Yves Kami, Burundian musician and singer “the ordinance lacks the terms of application”

According to Pélate Niyonkuru, Minister of Culture, the exploitation of artistic and literary pieces of work is now subject to the payment of copyrights.

This measure will come into effect on June 1st. Minister Niyonkuru indicates that this measure is taken to promote Burundian culture and permit its sustainable development.

For the artist Kami, however, this ordinance lacks the terms of application. “It should be accompanied by an appendix specifying how royalties should be collected,” Kami says adding that an order of the previous minister was clear though “it has not been implemented”.

Bruno Simbavimbere, Chairman of the Association of Burundi Musicians ‘ Amicale des musiciens au Burundi’ argues that this circular is timely. According to him, this “enforcement measure” was expected since 2005 when the copyright law was signed.

He also says it was necessary that Burundian artists live on their job as everywhere else. “My dream is now realized,” he says.

Simbananiye calls on Burundian musicians to produce quality work. “Everyone will be appreciated according to their work,” Bruno says. He promises to popularize this measure among musicians. He calls on all artists to register at the Burundian Copyright Office for the protection of their pieces of work.

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