African film makers join forces

Burundi was represented by local filmmakers in the ‘Arusha African Film Festival’ from 20 to 27 September 2014, where plans for an East African Film Network were finalized.By Yves Didier Irakoze

Group picture of Burundian participants in the Festival with the Award for Best Long Feature Fiction © Iwacu

Group picture of Burundian participants in the Festival with the Award for Best Long Feature Fiction © Iwacu

“The Burundian feature film ‘I Mashoka’ by Jean Marie Ndihokubwayo and Pascal Capitolin received the GIZ-EAFN Award in the category of Long Feature Fiction. This shows that Burundi has the ability and capacity to do great in the domain of films”, says Léonce Ngabo, Chairman of Festival International du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel du Burundi (FESTICAB). Burundi was represented by actors like Lynda Brown Kana, Hussein Butoyi, Emy Emery Nsengiyumva and Floriane Kaneza from the ITULIVE Agenced’Acteurs (IT.A.A). Floriane Kaneza was also part of the jury, in the documentary category.

Lynda Brown Kana mentions that she gained much from the trainings during the Festival. “I learned about the transition, the separation of time and sequences while playing, the difference between yourself and the character you play in a movie, the attitude you have to take on while playing on stage”,Kanasays proudly. According to Hussein Butoyi, who also participated in the Festival, the training he followed was of paramount important to him in the way that he learned how to raise and lower his voice while playing.
Léonce Ngabo, Chairman of the Burundian FESTICAB, explains that the Burundian filmmakers went to Arusha to join others in supporting East Africanculture. Itwas an opportunity to learn new tools and interact witha new generation that has techniques to boost our movies and increase visibility of Burundian film.

“It was also an opportunity to meet the EAC Secretariat and the Deutsche Gesellschaftfür Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) that is the main sponsor of FESTICAB. We require their support aspartners in cultural and cinematic affairs in the region”, Ngabo points out.
Furthermore, Ngabo says, “we agreed on the Logo for the newEast African Film Network (EAFN) and we are happy that the General Secretariat of EAFN will belocated in Burundi.”
The new network will be highly beneficial to actors and filmmakers because they’llreceive professional training. The center will help them to disseminate their movies around the world.
Léonce Ngabo is satisfied with the steps Burundian actors and filmmakers tookduring the festival in Arusha and he is positive that they have it in them to become great artists.

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