Thousands flee famine due to drought in Kirundo Province

Some deserted houses in Kirundo

Some deserted houses in Kirundo

More than 4000 people have fled their homes since the past few days following severe drought according to Melchior Nankwahomba, the governor of the northern province of Kirundo. He says “their urgent need is food”.

Sources on the spot say some people are so desperate that they sell their properties to buy food.

Nankwahomba says local authorities are trying their best to come to the help of the suffering population. He calls on anyone who can help to act.

According to the official, people flee from Bugabira, Busoni and Kirundo communes to the neighboring province of Cankuzo.

This year, the dry season has been abnormally long, thus making farming practically impossible. And this happens in a country where more than 90% live on farming.