Family of Habarugira worried about his security

09-13-2017 After the abduction of Léopold Habarugira, a member of the political party-Union for Peace and Development [UPD] in the early morning of 12 September, his family says it is much concerned about his security. He was abducted in Mutanga-Nord in northern Bujumbura by a group of four people, one (...)

New support for amendment to Burundi Constitution

04-04-2017 With the new leadership, UPD-Zigamibanga party has made a U-turn and is all for the amendment to the Constitution. In the wake of a controversial new leadership, an opposition party backs the government plan to amend the Constitution. Kassim Abdul, who has controversially taken the leadership of the UPD-Zigamibanga (...)

Conflicts within UPD Zigamibanga over leadership

03-21-2017 The UPD Zigamibanga party organized a national congress to elect the new chairman, two years after the death of the leader of this party Zedi Feruzi. These elections led to conflicts between the members of this party. Abdoul Kassim, the new UPD Zigamibanga chairman says the party national congress (...)