Proposals to save the declining hotel and tourism industry in Burundi

09-29-2016 Actors in Burundi tourism acknowledge that the sector has alarmingly declined following the crisis that has plagued the country since last year. “Tourism has extremely declined over the last months”, says Denis Nshimirimana, the president of the Chamber of Hotel and Tourism. He explains that many hotels have laid (...)

The Burundi Hotels and tourism sector is suffering

04-07-2016 If there are no tourists coming in the country, a lot of sectors suffer. This is the issue that was discussed upon in the meeting held today about the exchange of information on the state of hotels between the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and tourism in collaboration with the (...)
EAC integration

“Even if Burundi is lagging behind other EAC countries, the tourism sector is improving”

10-14-2014 Burundi has joined the world in celebrating the International Day of Tourism on 27 September. The Interim Director General of the National Tourism Office (ONT), Christophe Ndikubwayo, indicates that tourism in Burundi is improving considerably, even though it is still lagging behind other EAC countries.  An Interview -By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse (...)

Burundi exhibition at Berlin: promoting the private sector

03-27-2014 While Burundi won the first place as the best African exhibitor at the International Show at Berlin for three consecutive years, it has recently been ranked second this year. The reason: the objective has changed-by Diane Uwimana Four private operators in tourism represented Burundi during the last International Show (...)
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Tourism : Burundi’s adjustment to the EAC standard norms not ready

01-01-2014 The identification and classification of hotels and other touristic institutions in conformity with EAC standard norms will not take place as scheduled. The main cause is the lack of fund.-By Diane Uwimana “The assessment and classification of different hotels and other touristic institutions will not happen as it was convened. (...)