Street children


“A child-a roof, far from being reality in Burundi” says activist

11-21-2017 The number of street children in different cities of Burundi grows day by day. Children’s rights activist asks for the government’s collaboration to improve their living conditions. The study conducted by Burundi Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies-ISTEEBU shows that 3253 children were living on the streets in the (...)

Use of force by police not sustainable solution to street children situation

04-05-2017 The union of children’s rights groups says police force is not a sustainable solution to the problem of street children. An appropriate approach should respect the children’s rights and ensure the children do not return to the street. Children rights group says police force is not an appropriate solution (...)

When the rest of the supermarket T2000 becomes a treasure hunting place

10-02-2015 The rest of the supermarket T2000 had become a desolate place for people who used to get easily the necessities and at the same time a treasure hunting place for Street children. (...)

A huge relief for associations defending the children’s rights and protection

02-12-2014 A National strategy for fighting against street children phenomenon in Burundi has been elaborated by some associations and the government has adopted it to eradicate that threat.-By Diane Uwimana The Ministers’ Council has finally adopted the national strategy this 23rd January2014. This strategy has the main objectives of preventing (...)

Street children have grown up

09-24-2013 One may not recognize them while driving around the town or trying to find a car parking station. Most of the young men who are looking after people’s cars in exchange of a little sum of money, are the ones who used to be street children who are now (...)