Private school representation decries the order to follow public school regulations

09-28-2016 François Ngeze, the president of the national Association of Private Schools (known by its French acronym UPEP), decries the measure by the ministry of education requiring those schools to abide by the same regulations concerning post-basic school placement as public schools. He argues that if private schools admit in (...)

The new School year starting with Post-Fundamental System

09-27-2016 On 26 September, all public schools including primary and secondary schools started the new school year 2016-2017 with the first candidates of the “Fundamental School” system. There are some innovations despite challenges. Queues of people were formed in front of the offices of secondary schools’ headmasters. Parents, pupils and (...)

The School of Excellence starts with the 7thgrade alone

09-26-2016 Contrary to plan, the School of Excellence programme will open for 7th graders only. It will not open for the first year of the post-basic school starting with this new school year 2016-2017. The Minister of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research gives two reasons for the decision: the (...)

Parents request supervision plan for pupils sent out of school for a year

09-22-2016 To protect their children sent out of school for an entire school year from harm and distractions, parents ask the government to think of a way to keep those pupils in a school atmosphere. Amidst the worry of seeing the life and future of their children jeopardized, parents from (...)

Unusual market of school materialsworries retailers

09-02-2016 For small traders downtown Bujumbura, the business of school supplies has unexpectedly lost its lure these days. This is due to a sluggish demand paired with high prices at the wholesalers’. Sellingschool equipment in the inner city of Bujumbura is unusually less profitable so far in this period of (...)

Are we Open to Talk Sex and Sexuality to our children?

07-30-2014 Talking about sex and sexuality to our kids educates and protects them in their future life. – By Jean Berchmans Siboniyo Many parents find it embarrassing and shameful to talk to their children about sex and sexuality. . It may make you feel uncomfortable at first, but it gets (...)