Rwandan incursion into Sabanerwa Hill

10-06-2016 On 4 October, Albert Nduwimana, Ngozi Northern Province governor said Rwandans accompanied by forty soldiers destroyed a house under construction on Sabanerwa hill of Mwumba Commune in Ngozi Province. He spoke of outright provocation and indicated that adequate measures are being taken to protect citizens. Térence Ntahiraja, spokesman for (...)

Rwanda: Imbonerakure capture Rwandans in the Akanyaru valley

09-15-2016 Imbonerakure have kidnapped and ransomed Rwandan civilians in the Akanyaru Valley in the south of Rwanda, locals in the southern province say. Security in Rwanda’s Akanyaru Valley has worsened since July, locals told Iwacu. Imbonerakure sleep in the valley. When we go there to look for grass for cattle, (...)