DRC hands over 124 youths to Burundi Government

02-01-2017 124 Burundians from different jails of the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC have been handed over to Burundian authorities this Tuesday 31 January 2017. The “repatriation” was voluntary, says Marcelin Luhoyo Tchichambo, Governor of South Kivu bordering Burundi. There were crowds of Burundians and Congolese at the Burundi-Congo frontier in (...)

Tanzania should obey regional and international conventions on refugees

02-01-2017 Tatien Sibomana, one of the Burundi opposition politicians, has said on Monday 30 January 2017 that the decision to ban the refugees’ entry must be taken in compliance with international and regional conventions on refugees. The Tanzanian government has banned the entry of refugee groups from the Great Lakes (...)
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Human Rights Watch accuses the ruling party youth and police of rape

07-29-2016 In a statement issued on 27 July, the Human Rights Watch organization reported over 300 cases of rape or sexual assault committed by the Imbonerakure youths and men in police uniforms. The latter deny the allegations. From May until September 2015, 323 (264 women and 59 girls) cases of (...)

Burundian refugees back home

04-16-2014 Burundian refugees from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Malawi and Zambia are coming back home according to UNHCR.-By Yves Didier Irakoze. “The repatriation operation of Burundian refugees is a permanent operation of UNHCR Burundi in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The process of repatriation has (...)
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Burundian refugees chased away: « There is no peace and security when there are forced returnees in EAC”

08-26-2013 Since two weeks, Burundians living in Tanzania have been mistreated and forced to go back to their native country. According to one analyst, the two countries should negotiate to solve the problem very quickly and prevent any negative impact in EAC- By Diane Uwimana Some Burundians living in Tanzania (...)