PARCEM is worried about local NGOs ongoing identification, says chairman

04-18-2018 After the announcement of the Ministry of the Interior that there is an activity to identify and collect data on nonprofit organizations working in each province, PARCEM chairman says this identification is not following the rules. Faustin Ndikumana, Chairman of PARCEM, a local NGO aiming at awakening people’s conscience (...)

Africa Startup to start assisting young entrepreneurs in Burundi

12-29-2016 The NGO will support young entrepreneurs by partnering with existing NGOs or by helping directly youth with clear business projects. The NGO Africa Startup plans to start a project of Education, Trade and Professional Training for young entrepreneurs in Burundi. It has organised, this Thursday 29 December, a workshop (...)

Government extends ethnic quotas to non-governmental organisations

12-24-2016 On 23 December, the National Assembly adopted a draft law amending the general framework of cooperation between the Government of Burundi and foreign non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Article 18 (4) of the draft law stipulates that the recruitment of local staff must be carried out in accordance with the ethnic (...)

Burundi government suspends permanently five local NGOs

10-24-2016 Accused of deviating from the goals set in their statutes, five local non-governmental organizations have been completely banned from working in Burundi by the Interior Minister. The organizations are namely the Forum for the Strengthening of Civil Society (FORSC), the Forum for Awareness and Development (FOCODE), Christian Action for (...)