National Assembly


MPS concerned about delay in disbursement of community Funds

10-18-2017 Minister of Community Development, Jeanne d’Arc Kagayo was in the National Assembly this morning to answer to the questions of Members of Parliament. The latter say they are worried about the delay in the disbursement of the community funds estimated at BIF 500 million. Jean Pierre Sinzinkayo says some (...)

Burundi government urges EU to remove sanctions

10-10-2017 During the 47th Parliamentary Assembly of African, Caribbean and Pacific States and the European Community held in Belgium this 9 October, Spès Caritas Njebarikanuye, first- vice speaker of Burundi Senate, said Burundi will not have the courage to ratify the Economic Partnership Agreement in the context of economic sanctions (...)

Activists demand National Assembly to urge government to submit budget bill

10-04-2017 In its opening session of this 2 October 2017, the National Assembly should start debating over the budget bill for 2018.The latter was not however submitted by the government. Activists appeal to the National Assembly to play its role. Burundian activists demand members of parliament to play their role (...)

Security is well ensured on Burundi borders, say MPs

07-19-2017 During the plenary session at the National Assembly where the ministers of Public Security and Defense were invited to throw light on security related issues, they say security is ensured throughout the Burundian territory. After the on-site visits conducted in all Burundi provinces, police and army regions from 15-17June (...)