Ntahangwa River threatens nearby residents in rainy season

12-06-2016 Seven families in Mugoboka locality of South Mutanga and another one in Kigobe area of GIHOSHA zone ,all from Bujumbura, have already left their homes in fear of their lives as Ntahangwa River rises with the rains. The river has destroyed houses and two streets near the river, one (...)

Mugoboka: Lack of clean water threatens residents

10-05-2016 Two people died in Mugoboka neighborhood, Rohero urban zone, in the center of the Burundian capital. Residents suspect cholera outbreak. They evoke the lack of drinking water as they consume water fetched from the Ntahangwa River. Both Generose Nkeshimana and Claude Bucumi, died on Thursday 28 September, 2016. They (...)

Critical shortage of clean water at Mugoboka

09-07-2016 “No drop of water comes out of the public tap installed in the locality of Mugoboka for over two weeks. The population indicates that having drinking water is like getting blood out of a stone. The poor fetch water from the Ntahangwa River, “deplores Pontient Mugenzi, a student at (...)