Lake Tanganyika


World Water Day: Pollution of Lake Tanganyika worries REGIDESO

03-23-2018 “We draw water at 3.5 km from the edge of Lake Tanganyika and at 25 meters deep. We are very much concerned by the fact that after analyzing the extracted raw water, we find that it is polluted, “said Desiré Nsengiyumva, Director of Water at the Burundian company in (...)

SETEMU, main source of pollution of Lake Tanganyika?

10-20-2017 Lake Tanganyika is currently being threatened because all wastes from factories and households are dumped directly at it without being treated. This was observed during a visit carried out in factories close to the place commonly known as “Ku mase” by the technical commission in charge of securing the (...)

Lake Tanganyika protection is everyone’s duty, says Second Deputy President

10-06-2017 The issue of Lake Tanganyika pollution has been raised by different MPs when the Second Deputy President was presenting achievements of the ministries for which he is responsible for the past six months in the National Assembly. Joseph Butore says everyone should be involved in lakes’ protection. Agathon Rwasa, (...)

Lack of determination and will to protect Lake Tanganyika,Vice president says

08-08-2017 The Second Vice President, Joseph Butore, alongside other high level government officials carried out a field visit along the shores of Lake Tanganyika to notice the current situation on the pollution of Lake Tanganyika and its biodiversity. He said there is a lack of determination and will to protect (...)

Lake Tanganyika pollution poses major risk for Bujumbura residents

06-17-2017 Environmental activists warn that Lake Tanganyika is increasingly polluted due to domestic and industrial waste from Bujumbura city and villages that is directly dumped into it without any treatment. Already, as one expert says, locals may be drinking unclean water. A. N a mother of four, lives on the (...)

Lake Tanganyika: Burundian Travelers to Congo concerned about safety

01-31-2017 Burundi travelers who go to the Democratic Republic of Congo from Rumonge port via Lake Tanganyika are worried about their safety because they travel in life-threatening conditions. They ask the government to help make their travel safe. The passengers say going to Congo by the lake has become like (...)

Rules against oil speculation hamper fishing in Lake Tanganyika

07-29-2016 Oil price increase is affecting fishing which is already less productive due to fish catches decline. The scarcity has compelled authorities to restrict oil procurement by fishermen to curb speculation. The constraints are nonetheless ineffective and worsen the fishing conditions. The cut in fuel supply is seriously detrimental to (...)

Water shortage: Regideso is rationing water as remedy

10-30-2014 Regideso filters at Lake Tanganyika are filled with mud. The water dispensing has decreased significantly. Lake waters are murky and muddy these days due to the Friday’s rain.-By Abbas Mbazumutima; translated by J. Berchmans Siboniyo Desire Nsengiyumva, the Director of Water in Regideso acknowledges the facts: “The filters are (...)