Kagaragara residents recently evicted from their homes in dire straits

03-02-2017 About 2000 people who were forcibly ejected from Kagaragara locality in Gihanga Commune of Bubanza western Province since a few days ago, haven’t received any assistance so far. They say they live in very bad conditions. “We have not received any assistance since the administration’s decision to evict us (...)

Kagaragara residents forcibly evicted from their homes

02-22-2017 The administration of Bubanza western province of Burundi has thrown out more than 2000 people from Kagaragara locality of Buringa Commune on the grounds of security and preservation of the protected areas. They say they do not know where to go to and call for humanitarian assistance. “The police (...)

Over 500 families kicked out of their homes in Buringa

12-21-2016 More than 500 families from Kagaragara locality of Buringa Commune in Bubanza western province of Burundi have been forcibly moved from their homes. They are all camping out around Buringa zone office. They say no one is helping them and call on Burundian authorities to bring them back to (...)