National broadcast reporter imprisoned for three days

05-08-2019 Jean Claude Nshimirimana, a journalist of the national radio (RTNB), remains incarcerated since Sunday, May 5, in the police cell of Kabezi commune in Bujumbura province. The police arrested him accusing him of holding an illegal and clandestine meeting. Mr Nshimirimana was supposed to appear before the Bujumbura public (...)

Unwanted pregnancies ruining young lives

04-02-2017 Sexual misconduct resulting in unplanned parenthood alarmingly scourges the youth of the educational district of Kabezi. Increasing numbers of undesired pregnancies are ruining the future of students in the education district of Kabezi as they interrupt their studies and force them into unwanted lives – a situation that school (...)

Is cholera there to stay?

09-07-2016 The epidemic is still sweeping Kabezi and other localities in defiance to stakeholders’ effort. The insufficiency  of prevention means is identified as the cause. The cholera epidemic continues to spread across different localities of  Kabezi health district and beyond. That persistence defies not only the constant and sustained attention but (...)

Fighting cholera disease in Kabezi at all cost

08-18-2016 About 99 cases of cholera have been identified in Kabezi health district (24 km from Bujumbura capital city) between 27 July and 17 August. According to Arcade Hatungimana, the provincial doctor in Bujumbura Province, 80 patients recovered but one of the patients died. Fifty six patients are from Kabezi (...)