US committed to helping fight HIV/ AIDS in Burundi

12-05-2017 In an interview with IWACU, Anne Casper, the USA Ambassador to Burundi says the United States supports 36,000 Burundians living with HIV through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS RELIEF (PEPFAR). She says the program contributes to the reduction of mother-to- child transmission and provides testing and prevention services. (...)

USA committed to helping fight against HIV/AIDS in Burundi, Ambassador says

11-29-2017 While the World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1st, USA Ambassador Ann Casper visited Kamenge Military Hospital -the embassy’s partner, to see which achievements have so far been made to fight against HIV/AIDS. She encourages people to do HIV test. The US Embassy has invested more than USD (...)

UNAIDS National Plan for 2016-2021: Journalists pledge to sensitize people to AIDS testing

12-13-2016 “About 800 health centers have been created in the country to test AIDS, but few people come to benefit from the advantages offered by those health centers”, says Richard Manirakiza, deputy director of the National Program for fight against HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases –PNLS/IST. This was said on (...)

Backstreet Abortion, a Reality in Burundi

09-29-2016 The association of Women fighting against HIV/AIDS and Malaria-SFBLSP Burundi celebrated on 28 September the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion. Alarming figures reflect clandestine abortion despite several consequences. “We have conducted a sample investigation in four provinces including Bubanza, Cibitoke, Bujumbura and Bujumbura (...)

Reduce HIV at all costs

08-09-2016 The “Burundian Alliance against HIV/AIDS and for Health promotion-ABS” launched on 5 August a new project “HIV and Harm reduction in East Africa” targeting people who inject drugs –PWID. Several reasons explain the paramount importance of this project. They include a high number of the PWID in the region, (...)

No law protecting Women living with HIV/AIDS

04-20-2014 Burundian Women living with HIV/ AIDS complain that they are not protected by their society: They are mistreated by their own husbands, raped and ill-treated at work. They claim for a special law protecting them.–By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse On the occasion of the Women’s Day Celebration, the International Community (...)

A stigma index survey by and for people living with HIV to be conducted

02-04-2014 71 inquiry agents will conduct the survey called stigma Index and 1272 people living with HIV will be inquired in the whole country-by Diane Uwimana The survey will be conducted by and for people living with VIH from different associations such as RPB+, Capes+, Burundi Network of Women living (...)

Burundians living with HIV/ AIDS are malnourished

01-06-2014 Food insecurity, clinical stage, education level, professional activity, essential household income, marital status,… are some factors which lead people living with the HIV/AIDS to malnutrition.-By Diane Uwimana The prevalence of malnutrition for men and women is estimated at 28.1% and 25.0% respectively with 6.0% of severe case for the (...)