Health professionals appeal to population to do HIV test before falling sick

12-01-2017 The only way to know whether or not you have HIV is to get screened. Some Burundians still wait to get sick before doing HIV test. Health professional calls on the population to do HIV test so that they know their HIV status. The world AIDS Day celebrated every (...)

HIV infection remains high in Burundi

11-26-2017 Out of over 700,000 people screened from January to June 2017, over 700 people tested HIV positive, reads the report conducted by the National Program for the Fight against AIDS (PNLS). Raphael Nshimirimana, Head of Prevention and Social Mobilization service at the PNLS, says the number of people living (...)

A week to celebrate the World AIDS Day

12-10-2013 For celebrating 1st December, the World AIDS Day, ANSS has organized a week of awareness-raising campaign, which was also an occasion for people to get voluntarily and anonymously tested.-By Joanna Nganda During the 15 campaigns organized under this year’s national theme “Together to accelerate the elimination of mother-to-child HIV (...)