Francine Niyonsaba


Burundi’s 800m runner back with gold medal

03-07-2018 Francine Niyonsaba, a young female Burundian athlete, successfully defended her world indoor 800m title in Birmingham on Sunday 4th March 2018. She is happy to be back victorious and calls on other young people to work hard in order to make known the country all over the world. “It (...)

Francine Niyonsaba: « My dream is to win 2020 Gold Medal”

09-20-2016 After winning silver medal in Athletics at the 2016 summer Olympics-Women’s 800 metres at Rio, Francine Niyonsaba expects to carry out several projects. On her holidays, Francine Niyonsaba expects to visit and sensitize youth from different localities. “I will firstly endeavor to train myself to improve my record and (...)