SOSUMO revises list of sugar wholesalers to end speculation

02-04-2020 Bujumbura residents report an increase in the price of sugar since January 2020 while traders speak of a shortage of this product in stocks. Brigadier General Aloys Ndayikengurukiye, Managing Director of Moso Sugar Company explains that the quantity of sugar sold from January 2019 to January 2020 remains the (...)

All aboard the Nile Basin! Why only collective action will enable us to reach our destination

06-06-2018 You need to get home but the bus keeps breaking down. If all passengers on the bus combine efforts and push, they can successfully reach their destination – safe and sound. However, instead, some prefer to remain on board and not contribute to the collective effort. Eventually those pushing (...)

Over 20 people injured in the Rumonge prison

05-07-2017 More than 20 people were wounded in clashes that broke out yesterday afternoon between prisoners, according to prisoners in Rumonge . Police say security has been strengthened since this morning to prevent further confrontation. More than 20 people were injured following the clashes that occurred on 3 August during (...)

Staple food prices soar by up to two thirds in Bujumbura

11-11-2016 The price of the staple foods has increased by up to 67% at a key market in Bujumbura. At the Buyenzi Market called “Chez Sion”, the price of rice from Zambia has risen to BIF 400 per kilo from BIF 1200 just one month ago. Rice from Tanzania costs (...)

May small nomad monkeys generate revenues?

04-17-2014 Long ago, a lot of small monkeys were wandering along trees located at “Prince Louis Rwagasore Chaussée”, on the Transfusion Blood National Institution, inside the National Center of Agro-food Technology. Even today several monkeys like the place because there are many uncut trees in which they should shelter.-By Diane Uwimana (...)

Fortified Staple Food: a big issue to handle

12-10-2013 Burundi is ranked among the most affected by food insecurity and chronic malnutrition. Then, fortification of some staple food should help to tackle the issue.-By Diane Uwimana Burundi presents a 38.8 indicator in 2013 on the global starvation index. “This index was established at 37. 9 points in 2010. This (...)

Healthy food; healthy life

08-28-2013 Inspired by the importance of edible mushrooms to individual health and good results from their production, a mushrooms’ Company SOCHA (Société des Champignons), located at Ngagara Commune near OTRACO Company, deals with cultivating, producing and promoting them- By Yves Didier Irakoze According to Emile Nsengiyumva, the Chairman of SOCHA, (...)