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45 million euro given to improve public health

06-28-2019 The Ministry of Public Health in collaboration with the WHO have launched on June 27 a program called ‘Twiteho Amagara’ literally meaning ‘Let’s improve health’ worth 45 million euro. It will concern 9.7 million people and will be carried out in three years. This a program will support the (...)

Burundi charges European Union

06-12-2017 The Burundian government accuses the European Union of attempting to change the regime in Burundi. The EU denounces the accusations saying they are false. The accusations made in this communiqué issued on June 5 are serious. Bujumbura accuses the EU delegation of not only being involved in sabotaging the (...)

Exclusive Interview / Wolfram Vetter: “For the EU, dialogue in Arusha is the only option.”

04-13-2017 The EU Ambassador to Burundi expresses himself very openly about current issues such as Political Dialogue, Cooperation and Human Rights in the country. The Interview. What is your assessment of the current situation in Burundi? I think the positive development initiated with the 2000 Arusha Agreement was interrupted by (...)

Brexit and Britain in the world

08-10-2016 On 23 June, the British people voted to leave the European Union (EU) and British Prime Minister Theresa May has been clear that Brexit means Brexit. But does this mean that the UK will be taking a single step from the centre of the international stage? The answer is (...)