Over eighty foreign NGOs re-registered

01-03-2019 Three months after the government decided to suspend foreign NGOs operating in Burundi, the Ministry of Home Affairs says it has already re-registered 84 of them. Tharcisse Niyongabo, Assistant to the Minister of Home Affairs says 84 foreign NGOs are already re-registered after three months of suspension. “The deadline (...)
Human Right

Burundi government delegation boycott interactive dialogue on Human rights violations

09-18-2018 This 17 September 2018, the UN experts presented their report on human rights violation in Burundi without the delegation of Burundi government. During the 39th regular session of Human Rights council, Burundi government delegation in Geneva was expected to make a presentation following the publication of a UN report (...)

Resumption of blocked dialogue

07-17-2017 The Facilitation Office announced another round for July. While the dialogue is deadlocked, some already call for more meetings. Written by Agnès Ndirubusa, translated by Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana Remember, on May 20th, the report of the facilitator Mkapa almost tolled the knell for the dialogue. In particular, he recalled (...)

Civil Society leaders concerned over their security in Entebbe forthcoming meeting

05-17-2017 The office of the facilitator of the Inter-Burundian dialogue intends to invite the civil society leaders in exile from 24 to 25 May in Entebbe, Uganda.  However, the invitation to the meeting offers no insurance with regard to their participation. “Acknowledge that neither the office of the facilitator of (...)

Those who doubt Nkurunziza’s legitimacy “are out of their minds” facilitator of dialogue says

12-09-2016 Those who doubt Nkurunziza’s legitimacy “are out of their minds” facilitator of dialogue says (...)

Ban Ki Moon : “I find myself in Burundi when the country is in crisis”

02-25-2016 An inclusive dialogue will be opened and 2,000 prisoners will be soon released. This comes from a meeting between the General Secretary of United Nations, Ban Ki Moon and the President Nkurunziza. A meeting that lasted over an hour. (...)

Press Release issued by Thomas PERRIELLO, United Special for the Great Lakes region

10-16-2015 This afternoon, 16th October 2015, Thomas Perriello, a United Special Envoy for the Great Lakes region has issued a press release concerning the actual situation of Burundi specially in this period that the government is about to start the national dialogue. (...)

A press release issued by OLUCOME about the new presidential decree

10-02-2015 OLUCOME has issued a press release today concerning the new presidential decree about the organization of a national dialogue that they judge unworthy if the two parties in conflicts are not on the table. (...)

An empty dialogue

10-01-2015 The next inter-Burundian dialogue presents many faces of national consultations led by the CNDD-FDD regime. The dialogue, one of the demands of the international community, would credit the third term of Pierre Nkurunziza. By Abbas Mbazumutima, Edouard Madirisha and Christian Bigirimana translated by Diane Uwimana “There will be an (...)

Marital Rape, a reality in our community

08-10-2014 Burundian spouses do not dare to denounce marital rape as long as they are still living together. However, its scars last longer than those of rape out of marriage. – By J.Berchmans Siboniyo Each year, each month and each weekend, we attend many marriage ceremonies. Nevertheless, most of the (...)