Bujumbura residents gripped by fear over night search without warrant

05-16-2017 During the cabinet meeting from 10 to 12 May, the Minister of Justice presented a draft bill on the revision of the code of criminal procedure. For some serious offenses that are exhaustively enumerated, the search warrant is not required and the night search is also authorized. “We fear (...)

Burundi government severs ties with OHCHR

10-11-2016 Burundi has just declared a suspension of any form of cooperation and collaboration with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights-OHCHR until further notice. The declaration cites the “untruthful and controversial” United Nations Independent Investigation Report on Burundi-UNIIB accusing the government of grave violations of (...)

UN report gives rise to protests

10-03-2016 The EINUB report that contains serious charges against Burundi government has triggered protests in the streets of the capital. Is the reaction a result of dignity or fear? The report of the United Nations Independent investigation on Burundi (EINUB), which deals with violations and abuses of human rights committed (...)

Demonstrations against UN experts report on Burundi continue

09-29-2016 “I have come to protest because I am a Burundian, proud of my country and particularly to express my anger against UN experts who produced a biased report on Burundi, “says Cecile Nshimirimana, the national representative of FLORINA Mpuzabarundi political party. She has joined a protest that brought together (...)

Demonstrations outside France Embassy after the UNSC vote for the 2303 resolution

07-31-2016 Several activists of the ruling party and their supporters from Bujumbura neighborhoods gathered in front of France Embassy to express their dissatisfaction on Saturday, 30 July. The aim of the gathering was the disapproval of “the initiative of Paris accused of being the root cause of the resolution that (...)

Mukike, demonstrations abusively repressed

06-22-2015 Men and women all mixed demonstrated in Mukike commune. They denounced the abusive repression of the police who killed a demonstrator at 29th last May. (...)