Ten killed and 5 shops destroyed in road crash in Gashikanwa commune

04-27-2018 At least ten people were killed when the World Food Program truck from Tanzania missed its way after brake failure on the national road (RN6) at around 9:00 a.m. this Thursday, April 26. The accident occurred on Rwizingwe Hill in Gashikanwa Commune of Ngozi Northern Province. A witness of (...)

Death penalty abolition under threat in Burundi

10-10-2016 No death penalty in Burundi since 2009. But extrajudicial killings are common. Additionally, there are signs that the penalty might be reintroduced. As the world celebrates the World Day against Death Penalty, the abolition of the penalty in Burundi is threatened by the prevalence of extrajudicial killings and hints (...)
Jean Bigirimana

CNIDH: no clue about the whereabouts of Jean Bigirimana

08-05-2016 Investigations by CNIDH could not help find journalist Jean Bigirimana. But there is some hope he is still alive. Is journalist Jean Bigirimana still alive? Where is he? Journalists were anxious as they waited for the results of investigations by the CNIDH (National Independent Commission on Human Rights) this (...)

Funerals of the son in law of Pierre Claver Mbonimpa

10-14-2015 On Monday at Mpanda graveyard was buried Pierre Claver MBONIMPA’s son in low after a sermon at REGINA MUNDI Cathedral. His death is related to what his father in law works in because he had no troubles with anyone according to his Colleague. (...)
EAC integration

KENYA – Son of the Prime Minister found dead

01-13-2015 Fidel Odinga, the son of former Kenyan Prime Minister and main opposition party leaderRailaOdinga, was found dead at his home in Karen, Nairobi in the early hours of Sunday 4th January 2014. Top Kenyan detectives are treating the death as suspicious, and are currently investigating. Fidel Odinga had been (...)