Detainees’ rights association concerned over presidential pardon process

01-03-2020 Jean Marie Nshimirimana, Chairman of a local NGO « SPF-Ntabariza » involved in the defense of detainees’ rights says the presidential pardon process has some irregularities. “Detainees who have been asked to pay a fine amounting over BIF 1,150,000 remain in prison even though they have been sentenced to (...)

Burundi: Foreign NGOs to respect constitutional ethnic balance in recruitment

09-14-2018 Burundi Senate plans to conduct a survey among foreign Non-Governmental Organizations-NGOs to ensure that they respect 60% of “Hutu” and 40% of “Tutsi” ethnic groups. Anicet Niyongabo, Second Deputy Speaker of the Senate says the higher chamber of parliament will deploy a group of senators to carry out a (...)

Burundi: UN Commission of Inquiry concerned over persistence of human rights violations

09-06-2018 The UN commission of Inquiry on Burundi has presented its written report including the summary executions, arbitrary arrest and detentions, acts of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, sexual violence and forced disappearances. The members of the commission said the serious human rights violations, including some which (...)

Burundi to pay all EAC arrears by December

07-10-2018 Minister in charge of EAC affairs Isabella Ndahayo has said the delay observed in the contribution to the East African Community is due to a six-month difference between Burundi fiscal year and the EAC one. She has said that while presenting the half-yearly achievements of the ministry, this 9 (...)

Adoption of rules of procedure in National Assembly arouses controversy

06-20-2018 The National Assembly adopted on June 19 the new rules of procedure in order to comply with the new Constitution that was recently promulgated by the Burundian President. The session was held in a tense atmosphere. MPs from Amizero y’Abarundi opposition coalition denounced “an intention of exclusion” embodied in (...)

Former Burundi presidents no longer Senators for life

06-19-2018 In a plenary session that has taken place this 18 June, Burundi Senate has adjusted its bylaw to the new Constitution promulgated on 7 June 2018. Among the revised points, the article specifying that former presidents become senators for life was removed. “As you have seen, there were no (...)

“President Nkurunziza didn’t say he wouldn’t run for 2020 elections,” says speech analyst

06-11-2018 President Nkurunziza promulgated on June 7, 2018 the new Constitution adopted in 17 May, 2018 referendum. When presenting the new Constitution to the population, he announced his term in office as president would end in 2020. This declaration led to ambiguity for people. Some say President Nkurunziza affirmed he (...)

Burundian President promulgates new constitution

06-08-2018 Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza has promulgated on June 7 the new constitution adopted through a constitutional referendum held on May 17, 2018. Political parties of the opposition and the international community condemned the amendment to the constitution arguing that it violates the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement and allows (...)

National Assembly to comply with new Constitution

06-05-2018 Burundian parliamentarians will return to the parliamentary holidays in July. “We have to comply with the new Constitution,” said Pascal Nyabenda, Speaker of the National Assembly on June 4 when opening the ordinary session for June. He has said Article 179 of the new constitution recently adopted in the (...)

RANAC party decides against running campaign for constitutional referendum

05-05-2018 On the third day of the referendum campaign, the National Rally for Change (RANAC) has decided not to run campaign for the constitutional referendum. “We will not participate in the referendum. It is a government affair,” Aloys Baricako, chairman of RANAC told journalist on 4 May. He said RANAC (...)