Measures taken for smooth running of 2018-2019 coffee season

03-30-2018 Effective measures have been taken so as to boost the performance of coffee companies during the 2018-2019 campaign. This was said by the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, this Thursday, March 29, during a press conference on the preparation of coffee season. “Transit centers are prohibited in the areas (...)

Coffee sector privatization spells misery to over 4 million Burundians

01-05-2017 The World Bank has forced Burundi government to privatize the coffee industry. With private managers advancing their own interests, millions of farmers continuously lose their once main source of income. Privatization of the coffee sector in Burundi continues to bring woes to farmers. The latter fear coffee production will (...)

More than 26, 000 Coffee Trees Ravaged by Wildfire

09-06-2016 The plantations which were destroyed by fire are located in the northern provinces of Burundi. According to Joseph Ntirabampa, the chairman of the National Confederation of Associations of Coffee farmers in Burundi (CNAC), bushfires damaged coffee plantations in various provinces especially Karuzi where 1, 995 coffee trees were burned (...)