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Health Ministry says malaria is not epidemic in Burundi

08-08-2019 At a press conference held on August 7th, the Burundi Minister of Public Health has said malaria cases have not yet reached the rate to be declared as an epidemic in Burundi. “Over 4, 3 million people have suffered from malaria in the period of six months of 2019,” (...)

Malaria cases increased in northern and eastern Burundi, says Health Minister

06-20-2019 In a press conference held on June 14th, the Minister of Health has said malaria patients increased in number in the northern and eastern provinces of the country. “We realized that malaria increased especially in the northern and eastern provinces,” says Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Health. He says there (...)

All aboard the Nile Basin! Why only collective action will enable us to reach our destination

06-06-2018 You need to get home but the bus keeps breaking down. If all passengers on the bus combine efforts and push, they can successfully reach their destination – safe and sound. However, instead, some prefer to remain on board and not contribute to the collective effort. Eventually those pushing (...)

FAO is helping build resilience to climate change for Burundi farmers

02-27-2017 The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has started distributing agricultural inputs to 31,000 households of farmers threatened by climate change. The inputs include bean and vegetable seeds, chemical fertilizers, sweet potato cuttings and, in some cases, hoes for the 2017 second growing season. Burundi is under an alarmingly growing (...)

Prepare for short growing season, experts warn

02-18-2017 On 16 February 2017, Burundi environment ministry organised a workshop on how to mitigate the impact of the climate change. Theophile Ndarufatiye, the assistant to the environment minister, said climate change is a serious problem. “We are currently witnessing various climatic disturbances all over the world due mainly to (...)

Climate change: Time for action

09-30-2014 Various associations involved in protection of the environment, such as the Ministry of environment, Scouts and others,took a guided ecological tourto the GasenyiRiverthat overflowed in February this year. The tour was meant to explain aboutthe stateof the river anddiscuss ways to prevent other accidents.-By Yves Didier Irakoze The visit (...)

Preparing farmers for climate change

09-29-2014 Mitigating measures are taken to increase resilience to climate change.-By Diane Uwimana Evariste Sinarinzi, a civil servant at the Burundi Geographical Institute (IGEBU) and a Water and Climate Change Expert, indicates that during several years, IGEBU observed that the length of the rainy season was the same as the dry (...)

France pledges $1 billion for Green Climate Fund

09-25-2014 During the Climate Summit 2014 organized this Tuesday 23rd September, participants emphasised the importance of the Green Climate Fund. –By Diane Uwimana “We must meet the broader 100 billion dollar-a-year pledge made in Copenhagen”, Ban Ki-Moon said in his opening remarks. The Secretary General of the UN indicates that (...)

WACDEP: people’s resilience to climate change

03-15-2014 Water, climate and Development Program(WACDEP) seeks to support the integration of water security and climate resilience in the development planning and decision-making process through investment in water security and climate adaptation.-By Diane Uwimana “Nobody else is better placed to know citizens’ challenges, needs and interests than local government officials”, (...)