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CNIDH urges politicians to ban use of children in political campaign

05-14-2020 A video showing children chanting political slogans has been circulating on social media for the past few days. The National Independent Human Rights Commission (CNIDH) urges politicians to ban children’s participation in political activities. “The involvement of children in politics has negative consequences for society and children’s lives,” says (...)
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Human Rights Commission concerned about children rights violations in Burundi

02-12-2018 The Chairman of the National Commission for Human Rights-CNIDH deplores the cruel treatment that some parents or neighbors give to children who are caught trying to steal in the fields because they are hungry. During the press conference that was held this 9 February, Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza has said (...)
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When children become victims

02-07-2018 The government of Burundi summoned polygamists to choose one woman. Children rights activists and a psychologist denounce a “policy” with unfortunate consequences for children. The decision was made in May 2017. In order to fight against gender-based violence, the Ministry of the Interior gave nine months to the concerned (...)