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Burundi: Catholic Church worried about how contributions to 2020 elections are collected

04-12-2018 “We are worried about the way the ongoing contributions to the 2020 elections are being collected,” said Bishop Joachim Ntahondereye, the chairman of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Burundi (CECAB) “Some people are abused, forced to contribute twice, even three times whereas they live in poverty,” he said. (...)

No catholic representation in provincial electoral commissions

12-26-2017 Prosper Ntahorwamiye, Spokesperson for the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) says the commission did not get any application from the Catholic Church. He, however, says it was represented in the consultation meeting on 15 December. Ntahorwamiye says the Chairman of the Conference of Burundi Catholic Bishops [CECAB], Bishop Joachim (...)

National Assembly asks for support from Catholic Church

11-21-2016 The closing of the year of Divine Mercy that was opened by Pope Francis last year on the 8th of December 2015 took place at Mont Sion Gikungu on the 20th of November In Bujumbura. All bishops of the Catholic Church and some government officials notably Pascal Nyabenda, Chairman (...)