Burundian refugees

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“Over 1000 Burundians arrive from Tanzania Refugee Camps per week” says UNHCR

06-20-2018 In a voluntary repatriation process organized by UNHCR in partnership with Burundi and Tanzania, more than 32 thousand Burundians from Tanzanian refugee camps have already come back to the country since April 2018. This was said in a press conference given by Gogo Hukportie, UNHCR representative in Burundi this (...)

“Moment not opportune to amend current constitution,” Burundi catholic bishops say

05-03-2018 As the electoral campaign for the upcoming constitutional referendum has officially begun on May 2nd, Burundi catholic bishops find that the moment is inopportune to amend the constitution. They call on Burundians to safeguard unity and peace. In a statement released on May 2, Joachim Ntahondereye, Chairman of the (...)

Burundian refugees demand Lusenda camp relocation

04-10-2018 Burundian refugees from Lusenda camp in Fizi territory in South Kivu -DRC request that their camp that currently hosts more than 30,000 people be relocated for security reasons. They submitted their request to the High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, during his visit to the nearby Mulongwe camp hosting (...)

Burundian refugees continue to return

09-20-2017 Around five hundred Burundians from Nduta refugee camp in Tanzania have been received by Burundi Government this 19 September. They will spend 48 hours in Gitara transit center in Mabanda Commune of Makamba province before going back to their native localities. One hundred and thirty seven families made of (...)
Human Right

New Burundian refugees claim gang rape, torture and illegal detention

08-25-2017 Burundians who arrived in Uganda between April and June 2017 said they left Burundi for security reasons, according to a new report by the International Refugee Rights Initiative about the causes of the ongoing refugee crisis.. The government insists Burundi is safe, but the new report published by IRRI (...)

70 Burundian refugees return in pilot project of repatriation

08-15-2017 The governments of Burundi and DRC alongside UNHCR launched a pilot project of repatriation of Burundian refugees. On August 14th, 70 refugees from 24 families were voluntarily repatriated from Lusenda refugee camp in the DR Congo. A convoy trucks carrying 70 refugees crossed the border to Burundi in Gatumba (...)

Houses belonging to Burundians chased from Tanzania were burned and wrecked

10-03-2013 The fact of burning and wrecking Burundian refugees and citizens’ houses chased from Tanzania shows that Tanzanian authorities do not want them to go back to their country. However, some Burundians hope they will join some members of their families and take back their few properties left there – (...)