Bujumbura Bar Association denounces corruption in justice

09-02-2019 In a workshop held on August 30th, Bujumbura Bar Association has said corruption is the main challenge that Burundian lawyers face in their daily job. “Some of our lawyers and judges are corrupt,” says Jean de Dieu Muhuzenge, President of Bujumbura Bar Association. He says there are lawyers who (...)

PARCEM describes decision to temporarily suspend its activities as unfair

06-21-2019 Faustin Ndikumana, Chairman of PARCEM, a local NGO involved in conscience awakening and change of mindset, says he was surprised to hear through radio stations that the Minister of the Interior has temporarily suspended its activities. “The letter was signed on June 3, but I have not received it (...)

“Corruption has become routine despite ‘zero tolerance’ policy” says NGO boss

08-28-2017 Seven years after “zero tolerance” was declared on corruption, Faustin Ndikumana, the chairperson of PARCEM, a local civil rights group, says it has become routine. Corruption is part of everyday life in Burundi today, and being corrupt is no longer considered taboo, according to the head of the PARCEM, (...)

Restrictive measures against excessive charcoal loading

01-12-2017 Police traffic say restrictive measures will be taken against charcoal dealers who overload their trucks with charcoal. The latter say they do so because traffic police ask them to pay bribes. “We meet various roadblocks set up by some civilians and the police on our way to the capital (...)

Qatar 2022: Accused of corruption, AFC members react

06-28-2014 At the beginning of June, the British newspaper “Sunday Times” published an article on probable corruption of some African authorities of African Football Confederation (AFC) to support the Qatar for the 2022 World Cup Organization.-By Yves Didier Irakoze “According to the British newspaper, a-gas- wealthy Emirate Authority paid bribery (...)
EAC integration

Burundi classified second in bribery in EAC

11-15-2013 The East African Bribery Index Survey shows that in Burundi bribery has decreased more than last year. However, the country must work hard to eradicate it effectively as it remains a big threat in the society.-By Yves Didier Irakoze According to Burundian Consumers’ Association (ABUCO), a section of International (...)