Eusébie followers in Bubanza fiercely opposed to vaccination

12-03-2018 Eleven followers of Eusébie, the “prophetess” of Kivyuka area in Musigati Commune of Bubanza Province in the west of Burundi are currently detained in the communal prison. They are accused of refusing that their children get vaccinated. Medical sources at Kivyuka Health Center say that followers of the “prophetess” (...)

Drivers without biometric driving license to be fined BIF 2,000 per day

08-29-2017 August 31st is the deadline for the use of a former driving licence. Drivers who don’t have a biometric driving license will be fined BIF 2, 000 for every extra day from September 1st.They demand additional time. The traffic regulation police are in the process of renewing the local (...)

20,000 biometric driving licenses already registered in four months

10-20-2016 Since 5 July 2016, the Ministry of Public Security has launched a campaign for changing the traditional driving license into a biometric one. “20,000 persons using the new biometric driving license have already registered out of 290, 000 people registered for the old driving license since 1937,” says Alfred (...)
EAC integration

ID cards to replace passports in EAC

01-14-2014 Ugandans, Kenyans and Rwandans have already started the use of ID card to cross their borders. But in Burundi, the process of filling out the form of the ID is continuing.By Diane Uwimana Since this January 2014, citizens from three partner states (Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda) have begun to (...)
EAC integration

EAC Common Market has offered some advantages

11-12-2013 Students from EAC countries benefit from the free movement of persons and goods. Today, they no longer pay visa fees to go to study inside EAC Partner States.-By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse In November 2009, Burundi and other EAC Partner States took an important step in the adoption of the (...)